Evil or Mislead?...

Is the true false prophet evil or merely mislead?  He/She accuses a Creator of planning
death and destruction with the ultimate reward being a segregation gleefully
anticipated.  Concurrent to it all, the misleading misled-prophet gains material
prosperity through one or more derivative markets.  It is "by peddling 'spiritual
germ-warfare' in promoting the notion of inevitable destruction.
It is not prophecy to predict doom- especially when the words and actions of the 'seer' function as  support
for the forces increasing the probability of the same predicted outcome(s).  Humanity is quite accomplished
in the arts of destruction-it is not matter related of faith to believe such could be accomplished if only a
greater humanity adopts the notion as a collective expectation.  
POD's seem to have a counter-productive (to say the least!) template
embedded in the subconscious- a mechanism designed to inoculate against
influences contrary to their desired
income.  "One world government",  "666"
(so bizarre I feel fool for the mention), "The Rapture" "The Beast”, "1000-
Reign. These examples and more are said to be indicators that the 'end of

"Better cash that
check Beeyatch"
time' is very near-"so ya' better get right...",   Despite all these efforts and predictions of doom,  humanity is
still on earth and heading in many positive directions-perhaps these toxic beliefs will soon be re-examined
Mr. Idiot
Gold, or Platinum Membership?....

It seems that religious prophecy is not satisfied with incremental distinctions as it gravitates to the
outrageous and irrational.  There are many versions to the end-story, ranging from the 'basic' (
Rewards Program
) to the complex (Platinum Rewards Progrom) .
There will be but one government upon the planet; ruled by
the anti-Christ with the jersey #666.  Then, just prior to
tribulation brought upon an evil humanity- ‘believers’ will be
physically removed from earth regardless to current activity
upon which time a '1000-year Reign' will commence
Jesus will return riding a
cloud, or horse or
something.  He's gonna
take his people with him up
to or, out to Paradise
Is the default assumption God rounds up loyalists because God is not big enough to tolerate dissent!!?  
There are many questions here...Although, it seems unlikely that God would be the King of all fascists.
This really is quite the incredible story...

Perhaps it is somehow beneficial for the forces of Creation to allow for wide
dissemination of such a belief in the function of a liberating influence.  
Perhaps the intent was to fully free the individual soul from the fear of ridicule
by allowing for an example so absurd all other proposals would simply
represent the musings of a creative and beautiful mind.
The notion of a one world government viewed as being possible is the first absurdity. The second is
viewing such a scenario as some form of evil given the unprecedented cooperation required to
accomplish.. Securing world-wide consensus would then negate the need for an annihilation said to be
blessed by God.  Anything remotely resembling a "one world government" would take several
generations in the development process.
You will not find your 'beast'-  ever!  And Jesus will never return to administer
punishment upon 'non-believers'.   'Purer-Form' Goodness has no concern for the
manifestations of evil nor, the elimination of such.  Goodness is the force filling the
vacuum created as evil falls to the willful pursuits of justice and equality.   Anything less
is not of any worthy-God...Anything less is not worth concerting any effort whatsoever.
The Individual may well-research the quality and features desired in an automobile, an automobile they
will own/use for a very short period of time.   Yet, it is this same Individual who accepts a god as was
told.  A God of many dubious qualities.  A God with whom it is the stated desire to hold
company...For Eternity!

Eternity is commonly believed to be a substantial amount of time.
Oh Yah
One More Thing...
It is our will that this state shall endure for
a thousand years. We are happy to know
that the future is ours entirely!
Adolf Hitler