Evils of Slavery
If to behold the notion of slavery with dread, is it at all important to articulate just why
this is so?  It may be important to define the evils of slavery rather then merely saying
it is so...
After all, it could be argued that there were decent people who practiced and
perpetuated the institution of slavery.  If to factor out the glaring injustice relative to
belief it is possible for one human-being to actually own another, it was these
otherwise virtuous individuals conducting business in adherence to the law...
Perhaps the most evil aspect of slavery is the range of other crimes tolerated (there's that word again)
under the umbrella of its presence. No legal distinction was made between the "owner" who intended
respect, and that of the tyrant who committed atrocities with impunity.
As it pertains to the institution of slavery in this nation, those who allowed for
circumstance in which the practice of slavery was acceptable and legal cannot hide
behind ignorance, otherwise good intentions, or even the fact that they are now dead. As
individuals you and I chose to bear the burden of a similar guilt if we hide behind
Presently most would agree the practice of any one or more
components affiliated with slavery is very wrong. To the decent
American of present-day society there is a sense that the evils of
slavery are so clear that it is hard to comprehend an America in
which such practices were once condoned.  

Nothing new said here But…
Some aspects of slavery we now recognize as obvious and in respect to the 'good' of past generations
(and most people were) we concede some truths may have once been slightly less 'self-evident'.  As a
practice based exclusively on race, slavery denied the black person in this country the dignity of his or her
own humanity. The notion that one human can be recognized as the owner of another renders the status
of the slave to be perceived as a resource rather then a human replete with all the humanity, dreams, and
desires identical to that of the so-called owner.
language of mere "tolerance" as a barometer to indicate we have 'arrived'. If this is seen ‘acceptable’ we
have arrived nowhere-we're simply stuck- and we have convinced ourselves the view we are now afforded
is that of the "Promised Land".