Most would likely agree that race-relations in the United States
have improved,   If the absence of persistent and pervasive
racially-motivated violence is used as the sole indicator, this
may well be the case
Affirmative Action has resulted in a greater representation of minorities in both
corporations and government throughout much of American society. The
formation of friendships between individuals of different race can be initiated by
only the courage to initiate a conversation whereas a very short time ago, a
courage risking physical and/or psychological harm was the prerequisite.
If truly comprehended, the tasks that remain ahead may seem daunting if all
involved fail to find  there 'place' within the 'collective advance'.  
People who behold a world that does not
As discussion continues relative to past
oppression and injustice (often painful to
contemplate)- the proliferation of influence from
dreamers and visionaries will naturally follow…
To proclaim past-wrongs
- still present-
as 'past wrongs' ...
is to assure past-wrongs
remain present
Progress has been made and it is encouraging to consider that much has improved in a
very short amount of time...To the cause of 'justice and liberty for all'... we have barely
made a start.
forget the atrocities of the past while simultaneously anchored
in the knowing that such suffering can be relegated to history
…for as long as it never is.