There are a number of reasons to avoid the
conversation. This avoidance may be acceptable or
a much lesser offense if it were not the well-being of
all humanity dependent upon both the initiation and
perpetuation of dedicated discussion.  

Americans  may perceive it to be about race
relations in the United States (we can be somewhat
egocentric); it is really about the nature of human
equality the world wide.  And for that we can be truly
Looking through this frame, society is seen to be in
decline- and it is directly related to practices
contributing to the mixing of races.  It is the failure
("hello"!?) of the legitimate superior race to ascend
to its (apparently not) God-given destiny.

This person yearns for "the good-old days" when the
'righteous' ruled and all but a few unenlightened,
seemed to know their place. The notion of
The actions affiliated  with a "moderate" (AKA half-assed) degree of difficulty, is to adopt
the belief that problems related to race no longer exist.  While acknowledging there
The "difficult" path is made so as its conclusion must be determined by
the individual.

Bearing the burden of original thought- found in the penetration of
boundaries on the outer-fringe- the individual contributes positively to
the advancement of new frontiers in the interests of 'common-good'.

In realization a collective virtue originates from deep within the soul of a
collective humanity  priority is given to those more vulnerable to self.

Understanding arrives in quiet moments and through the just works that
are to define the noble legacy of any one life lived for the sake of
equality and justice.
Pyramid scheme?...Modern day 'Caste-System'?

There are finite few classifications availed the individual in
the pursuit (or not) and process of enlightened
reconciliation. These methods are fairly simple to quantify
There's Sex, Drugs, Rock-n-Roll...
Then there's Race, Country, and the future of Humanity...

Most would likely prefer a discussion relevant to the first rather then the latter; tho both can be
uncomfortable.  Many seem to recognize the existence of a significant social undercurrent yet,
frequently heard is the observation that "nobody talks about it”.  And- "nobody talks about it"- is a
phrase requiring the same level of exertion as actually not talking about it.
Degree of Difficulty
Past and Present

It is humbling and frightening for any individual to contemplate the notion that they may have
been complicit- or, worse yet, a perpetrator in something now so widely recognized as very
wrong.  Yet, as custodians of the present, all well-intended people find it necessary to reconcile
the issues presented in some fashion- both individually and collectively. The forces of Creation
and the burden of 'knowing' obligates the address  of these issues.
(for the purpose of this demonstration anyway) in the sense that the
range can be classified as "easy-to-difficult" relative to the level of effort
and curiosity of the individual.
Over Easy

An 'easy' way out for the "Couch Potato" Soul-Searcher is to adopt the belief that
any one person actually is inferior/superior based solely upon the fortune of their
'supremacy' requires little effort as confident 'knowing' demands no search for evidence
to the contrary.'

may have been misunderstandings in the past, this person states they "had
nothing to do with it" and has likely convinced themselves they "never would
Over Medium

At first glance it may seem that this would be an "easy" method but
the intentional disregard of abundant evidence to the contrary
requires the expenditure of considerable energy over a life-long
commitment straining to 'look the other way' . Meanwhile, little
acknowledgment is given the fact that they had really nothing to do with the forces
that dictate the era in which any one individual is to experience the brief state of life
on Earth.
Over Hard