Authentic Equality
What is Equality? … what would be the defining attributes in purest form?

There are likely just as many answers as there are lives able to ponder the very notion.  

Most definitions would likely include some measurable form of behavior seen as indicative of equal
treatment…Perhaps some sense that- all who desire to participate in any given arena- can do so
under similar conditions.  

Nice, but,..There's gotta be more be to it…


Certainly, any collective aspiration inclusive all aspects to full definition
must include agreement upon the tangible indicators interpreted as evidence
of ‘applied-equality’   Sole reliance upon material evidence to establish
‘relative equality’ may prove of little worth as a reliable/meaningful
indicator of progress.  
The pursuit of uniform rules and conditions applicable for all- aside from being
impossible-  runs fully contrary to the spirit of meaningful equality.  Although,
there would  be  a degree of appeal found within ease to which it can beheld
as a concept

For some it may seem counter-intuitive to behold that the notion that
differential treatment does not necessarily equate to differential regard- just as
identical treatment does not necessarily equate to equal regard.
That which may appear as a double-standard when viewed through the lens of ‘technical
equality’ may actually quite the opposite.  Treating everyone the same is an extremely over-rated
virtue- so much so it is not able to long sustain that of which it so desires to be.


In some ways true equality is best understood by discovering that which it
not.  The notion of human equality is more then just a pleasant idea to
ponder; it is a fact of nature.  To the extent this could be argued as not
so, there exists a web of deception traced directly back to perceptions
based upon inaccurate comprehension and limited understanding.
As an example...

We may look upon modern peoples living without modern technologies and
behold a ‘modern day primitive’ as many well-intended people look for
rational explanation for an apparent inequality.  Meanwhile, the 'progressive
individual seen in our  own reflection fails to see a people living a contented
and sustainable existence, instinctively knowing that which most can only
hope to one day be taught.

In the absence of defining Human Equality as endowed by Nature/Creation we risk stagnation
rendering all of ‘noble cause’ limited to merely the hope that ‘things will never change for the
worse’.  The very nature of existence requires responsive interventions to perpetuate.  In the
absence of willful evolution the great forces in an amoral universe invariably assure ‘worse’ occurs
by default.
Perhaps we become stuck upon looking for the observable indicators of ‘technical
equality’. Along lines of visible distinctions and the perceived sequential lineages of
oppression, we perpetuate the things we measure simply by the
measuring.  Our
statistics do tell us some about ‘where we are’ but not the ‘how' or, the 'why’.  
Equality in its purest form operates with full-autonomy.  It occupies the
'higher plane' with a trajectory always advancing.  It does not matter how
our statistics look it does not matter what we think the tell us.  Nothing will
ever change the fact  that
we are all truly equal

true equality


It does not matter how our statistics look... it does not matter what we think the tell us... Nothing will ever change the fact that we are all truly equal