In the noble pursuit of ethereal concepts such as equality, liberty, and freedom rational
minds struggle to define just what it is that would evidence of, or progress
are retained to define what is to be measured while still more experts are
consulted to prescribe how it is to be done...

Completed Forms
translate to Raw Statistics as Equality (and friends) acquire definition
drawn by lines of 'have' have-not' 'more/less likely to...'inclusive or exclusive relative to
any specified criterion of collective-peoples. The data, then applied, assures more
equitable distribution of material resources while simultaneously perpetuating a brand of
modern-day segregation that, in spite of all efforts, still appears to be drawn along lines
of race.

With statistics in hand, those who measure set out to divide by race. The very
practice caters to instinctual fears that once the individual is forced to identify
self by race- there is no escape.  This fear extended becomes fear that- even in
the context of great personal accomplishment… To the individual there will be
assigned the virtues/follies perceived unique to his/her race...  

As a nation, and as creatures, we establish the rules by which material propriety is justly established as
owned and exchanged.  In complimentary fashion we also develop the boundaries by which we establish
how we ‘ought not’ to treat one another.  We then measure ‘who is’ and ‘who isn't’
(choose your criterion) treated/being treated fairly.  To the extent the statistics show
balance among integrants, there then exists a state of relativity/compliance to
technical equality

To this successful person, title is applied as one perceived as an exception to the
negative stereotypes associated with his/her own assigned race.  To be
'segregated from the segregated' may leave the individual in 'limbo'- detached
from cultural identity yet somehow 'not-quite-included'.
We can seldom know what’s in the heart of another…just what is it that motivates speech and behavior
in public and private?  We are then left with that which can be observed and measured as indicators of
‘meaningful equality’ among humans. To a great extent this is the way it must be.

context of social evolution connected to longer spans of time.  Our collective understanding relevant
to the very ‘meaning’ of humanity and life is constantly changing and thus changes history all along
the continuum- even 'that' we may presume already ‘passed’

Equality viewed in perspective to that observed in the ‘present’ caters more to defining ‘
’ while 'Authentic Equality' derivative of ‘meaning’ remains dynamic by virtue of inclusiveness
to all contributing factors in relationship to infinite time...
Statistics by race, class, religion, blah blah blah… speak to the moment but may beg
for alternative interpretations relevant to meanings- symbolic and real- within the

What are we really looking for? Do we really see what we think we see?  Living in the
moment is great except for the fact that-while it is always present- it never seems to
stick around   

statistics fail to consider the whole

looking for what


segregated from the segregated' may leave the individual in 'limbo'- detached from cultural identity yet somehow 'not-quite-included'.