It is the alignment of applied actions- with the noble principles to which a nation would claim to aspire- that
one day, will be achieved and maintained.  It begins from the point of ‘Absolute Equality’as the reference
point by which all knowledge is trued.  For one to prosper at the expense of another individual/group is that
which becomes an injustice by virtue of inspiration maligned with the natural laws of the universe.
nce upon a short time ago...
With some degree of malicious exclusion (or at least what would now be recognized as such) the infant
nation set about educating its youth.  As time progressed, the founding principles began to demand
justice-with fewer excluded- as more and more truths became self-evident.  It was here where the notion
of 'gap' was introduced relative to incongruence's between these stated principles and the actual application.
Language pertaining to "liberty and justice for all" along with provisions to amend the Constitution sealed our
fate. In the past we have claimed other interpretations and/or dismissed relevance to the present; we are
invariably returned to the formation of policy compatible with the spirit of equality as it
is addressed in the

To the extent any one individual beholds the 'Founding Fathers' of the United States in
favor, it is not misplaced.  If respect enters into the realm of 'reverence' it then becomes
a sentiment
representing something other then the realizations of an individual.  
Reverence applied to any one or more individuals creates a perception that they were
operating with immunity to the restrictions of human fallibility.
Presently, there exists a large residual influence from practices and collective beliefs long
ago established to favor (often inadvertently) those who most look like their money. This
is neither all bad, nor borne of pure evil. The collective objective should not be one of
eliminating all "whiteness" from institutions and traditions; rather, it should be one of
emulsification through the solicitation and inclusion of contributions brought by individuals
from all races, cultures and ethnic groups.
These were good people who created something much greater then any one
person's ability to comprehend.  They also made grievous errors- some of these
errors/omissions rendered catastrophic consequences.  Bad fortune befell many
individuals groups whose only notable flaw was that of poor timing in the
occupation of space in the way of progress.

5:45 pm (DY2)
the noble principles on which our approaches to education, business, and politics were
created and adamantly declared by some very gifted people. The majority of these people
also happened to be males and they happened to be white...(not that there's anything wrong
with that!).
 Consequential to homogeneity, these principles were likely not based on a vision
that this new nation would soon include persons originating from all cultures of the world.
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