Upon this far-away planet they experience many similar challenges-  including the existence of racism.


On this planet the roles are reversed- it is the white race that experiences pervasive oppression followed by a
discrimination that prohibits full participation in society.  Over time progress has been made but, it is slow and
certainly not constant.
Numerous and well articulated laws exist, intended to curb discrimination.
Often, it seems little progress has been made- as it is still the races of
‘other’ who create the measures through which a broader society refers
in the process of projecting the likely contributions of any one candidate
desiring to also participate.

The ‘tools-and-rules’ to ‘be-successful’ measure and regulate the
qualities and characteristics deemed relevant. Beings of the white-race
argue the very foundation of society was created by the races of color.  
And, it is by default-rather then malicious intent- by which social policies
and infrastructure favor the races of ‘other’.

The progress ‘made’ for white folk often functions
merely as a ‘tease’ for the way things ‘could be’. As
it pertains to a ‘universal equality’, there is a fear
that a greater society will fail to realize the majority
of work lies ‘ahead’ as opposed to reliance upon
eloquent legislation as evidence in declaration of
"Mission Accomplished’
mission accomplished
Perceiving selves as sovereign entities- immune to the influence of generations before- the
‘other’ races have grown accustomed to a particular way of business.  Many social protocols

The white folk are a fairly recent addition to this society-many arrived against there will with the status of NBR
(Nation Building Resource). As a result, these white folk were often viewed as dispensable;. Although this no
longer seems to be the case, it is perhaps the white folk who must redefine most- the very nature of self-identity
in the process of  realizing a more meaningful equality.

Upon arrival to a new land these white folks had just completed a journey sequestered away
in the bottom of a vessel...they emerged quite pale.   As they attempted to blend with a
broader society they were immediately presented the task of learning the mechanisms of a
new society while simultaneously severing ties with a culture countless centuries in the
making. The refined skills relevant for success in their own recently-dispatched culture had
little application to the practices of the new- this would have been true even in the absence of
deliberate exclusion..

Could the leaders of the era truly fail to see the inequity all about? Could they not see the racial
disparity of assessment performance as glaring evidence that they were measuring and
prioritizing outcomes largely irrelevant to the collective progress of their evolving society?

Even in the event racism had totally
disappeared in response to their legislation, the
process of assimilation would occur painfully

There would be many practical
obstacles associated with the
acquisition of relevant skills and
comprehending the numerous and
important social nuances.   In a culture
upon which the mechanisms within the
structure seem dependent upon
‘practical conformity,’ assimilation
became something ‘other’ as value was
conferred to behavioral homogeneity as
opposed to unique contribution.
There would be great damage to the spirit as the white folk were coerced to
detach from their own cultural practices while simultaneously denied equal
access to the resources and contacts to assimilate in the new.  Many would
find themselves in a surreal spiritual wasteland.  A people without territory
and a fragmented cultural identity- with the primary distinction being
affiliation in shared color of skin.
In a brief span of time, upon a foreign land, countless souls were subject to slavery, physical harm, denied
participation in every level of society, and all this happened for the sole reason of having been born white!
slow and over a broad span of time. The
language and practices of the ‘othered’
races had been developed and well-
practiced over a span of centuries.

It seems possible that such a society once existed. Perhaps somewhere within that which is 'out there' just such a
culture exists even to this day. If this were so, what would be the common human reaction be on planet earth?  
Would there be a sense that the cause of universal justice had been served well through some mechanism of
counter-balance? The experience of such a sentiment would suggest a fundamental principle to "justice
everywhere" had been missed.

Pandering,….Contrived …and Overtly Transparent ?  
"Injustice anywhere" is tragedy; there is no counterbalance for its
existence, only the righteousness of that by which it is replaced.

For the cause of "justice for all" it would be a consolation to know
that the injustice of inequality among the inhabitants of planet earth
represents the singular blemish in an
otherwise perfect universe.
are simply understood subconsciously- compatible behavior in nearly automatic.  Social change occurs slowly and
through incremental modifications. Having the knowledge of what the rules once were provides great benefit in
understanding historical trajectory and relative context in the present
like us
Like Us
like them

living creatures exist in countless galaxies

problems just like ours


On this planet the roles are reversed- it is the white race that experiences