The Crime

The term "hate crime" is usually associated with a degree of controversy. The essence of the debate
pertains to whether the perpetrator of a violent act should be subject to additional punishment if the
motivation for the crime is a derivative of hate based upon the victim’s race, religion sexual orientation or
ethnic background as the sole (or overwhelmingly dominant) criterion for ‘target’ selection
The Time

Should there be additional punishment for a hate crime? Probably not…To
link hate crimes to the issue of racism is erroneous and perhaps even
detrimental to the cause of equality..

The Twist

The hate-crime perpetrator (hcp) may profess his disdain for a particular
perceived class of a targeted victim, but the fire that drives the crime
originates within a deep hatred for humanity itself.  The sick mind of the
perpetrator uses the issue of race, or some other arbitrary categorization,
as his twisted rationalization to both justify, and explain the logic behind the
commission of a violent crime.

Perhaps it is a strange concession to rationale thought, or even a bizarre
effort to connect through actions so universally understood.  Perceiving
rationale beings capable of hate, the perpetrator ‘narrows the target’ by
process of mimicry spawned by instinctual need to provide parameters for
otherwise irrational passions/compulsions.  That such actions are
collectively regarded with high-form revulsion merely agitates a malevolent
energy morphing to warped appeal of converting malignant self-loathing to
the overt violence of deluded purpose.
There is a word and it is ‘hate’…”I finally know what I’m doing, show me that face and I’ll show you why I'm

The Comparison

The hcp is motivated by an all-encompassing hatred of humans and is ultimately repulsed by the
inevitable existing resemblances to self.  His crimes are seldom subtle and his deluded view of self
lessens the fear of social consequence. Conversely, the racist is driven by a disdain for a particular class
of people and/or a distorted admiration for those he perceives to be like self. The hcp experiences
difficulty in the search to find like-minded acquaintance. The racist has a much easier time finding those
with whom he can affiliate. The hcp seeks to destroy. The racist seeks to harm.... Simultaneously, the
racist pursues power and influence through the recruit and indoctrination of others. His beliefs and
actions have a much broader detrimental influence upon the advancement of a collective humanity.
Up to this point we have been dealing 'garden variety racist'
(gvr). Perhaps now would be the time to introduce a new
character with the attached label of "blatant racist" (br). The
blatant racist finds comfort in the seat immediately behind a
violent hate crime presuming of course, the right "kind" was
hurt or killed. Yet, if confronted, he can simply deny any
unsavory affiliation- for his deeds have done nothing to betray
his true beliefs. His personal aversion to violence (likely due to
fear of consequence) makes him only slightly more likely to
find others with whom he can affiliate.
The violent acts of the hcp and/or the outrageous beliefs of the br have the potential to dilute the efforts
to overcome the social menace of pervasive subtle-form racism. Some may find an unspoken comfort
in the sensing of great distance between a "preference for their own kind" and any blatantly racist
affiliation or action. Relative to the hcp or the br, the GVR can convince self there is no need to change
behavior or belief perhaps sensing "At least I'm nowhere near as bad as that guy"


The hcp and the br can exude a potent ooze… but, the size of the kettle is limited only by the
imagination.  Ultimately, such characters are ‘turds in the stew’ really, flavoring only the elements
inexplicably drawn to proximity.
The heinous nature of a hate crime contrasts sharply
with the statements and beliefs of the GVR. Pairing hate
crimes with racism and/or other forms of socialized
discrimination may cater to a misperception that
violence is a primary indicator evident to racism. Racism
is often much more crafty then to keep frequent
company with overt acts of violence.

It is a more subtle form of racism that presents a greater
social menace as it may exist in any small space
between two or more individuals. It is often undetectable
and found in seemingly unlikely places. It may be
something picked up or something left behind. It thrives
not on what was said, but that believed to be
understood….It is stunned by acts of kindness, hurt by
diverse coalitions, and destroyed by a nation ‘not afraid
to stir the pot’.
witches stew

Hate Crimes

Obscure the greater threat


Racism is often much more crafty then to keep frequent company with overt acts of violence