Many social challenges face the United States... When
viewed by race these problems are magnified for
minorities designated as such....

Greater society misses the contribution of millions of
citizens as a consequence to the apparent inability to
recognize and/or acknowledge racial segregation still
In the inner-cities and ‘slums’, millions of citizens all
too often live in deplorable conditions. It is here
wherein  poverty, violence, addiction, and
hopelessness are the manifested symptoms of
passionate spirit long ago broken.

In the present, many would find the notion of  
segregation to be inconceivable.  Efforts to substaniate
this view would likely include referrence to social
programs and the allocation of material resources as
evidence that, anything resembling a division based on
race, is simply a matter of chosen affiliation (although
most would concede that government subsidized
housing projects would be near the bottom of any list
pertaining to one's preferred form of residence).
Despite the provision of government assistance many
people in these detached and fragmented communities
find themselves unable to fully pursue dreams beyond
the realm of addressing the primary needs required to
merely sustain life.

In these environments dreams are characterized
primarily as a desire to one day live elsewhere.

Trapped in Context

to extract the words explaining the context of
present social ills that which remains is only that which
can be seen.,,
Once upon a time there were
laws and elaborate social
structures to enforce
segregation of the races (in the
USA!).  Those laws are now gone
but has anything really changed
for those to whom nothing has
really changed?

Perhaps yes-and for the worse,
as it remains the case that no
white friends come to visit...And
now it appears to be solely a
matter of choice!
That which began as overt segregation and oppression
has now become functional segregation based upon
pervasive fear and misunderstanding.  
of life (brilliant!). The solution to,
and existence of, segregation seem
equally obvious.
The only way to eliminate segregation is the nurturing
of communities whose citizens represent all walks
If a housing project is occupied by one race of people
and people of any other race are afraid to visit....this
just might be segregation.

If the 9th Ward victims of hurricane Katrina are all
black people, well...this just might be segregation as
Smells like Segregation

segregation in the present

stuck in the present


In these environments dreams are characterized primarily as a desire to one day live elsewhere