Integration Situation
A walk through well illuminated city streets turns to the shadows of a peripheral
neighborhood.   3 blocks ahead the silhouettes of 7-8 people come to view.  
3 blocks to
2…last chance to ditch with the dignity of full anonymity. 1 ½ blocks…they’re obviously
young, and they all seem to look and behave alike from this distance.   

Perhaps a bit of an anxiety?...

1 block…

They’re young for certain, high energy, and obnoxious at the very least.  At least half of
‘em seem intoxicated but to bail now will require a desperate run... Ditch or proceed-
hoping for the best!?!

½ Block…

What is this? They are indeed as described above, they are attired in similar fashion,
loud, and unpredictable but…it is abundantly clear that not a single one is of the same
ethnic/racial background…Not a single one.

Now they’re here…
one by all
passing by.

These youngsters were just having a good time; sharing in common a regard for one
another at the level of individual character. One or more may requested  "here, pull my
finger" but, it was quickly realized there was no ill-will present, there would be no harm.  
However immature one or all may have been in the moment, they already possess one of
the few prerequisites necessary for a happy and successful life.

At first I was afraid
Perhaps you too...
There was nothing to fear
and this is always true..
It was upon that very moment of
discovery when diversity rose to
prominence in relief.  And, this
would have been the experience
of even the most committed racist

integration story

virtues of diversity

One or more may requested here, pull my finger but, it was quickly realized there was no ill-will present, there would be no harm

Upon a tiny planet
Destiny is always found...
it’s only looking back
til we all turn around