Tolerance…Tolerance Schmolerance!

Tolerate if you must…it’s better then violence. But, ‘Tolerance’- as the term is
applied to other humans- is a highly over-rated, non-virtue.  It is a lowly standard-
true only to ‘technical Non-Violence’ having really nothing to do with the spirit of
‘true Non-Violence’.  
The term "tolerance" is typically presented as if it were a standard to which all
should  aspire. As it applies to people (and everything 'does', right?) mere
'tolerance' does not reflect any meaningful degree of progress and may even
function as a detriment to society.

The very notion has a sense of implied superiority in which the tolerating
person/people is/are given implied license to feel even more superior by simply
tolerating the 'tolerated'. There is also a sense of conveyed ‘exception’ to the
'toleratee' from the 'tolerator' and an implied virtue attached to the doing....  

'Tolerance it's really not 'doing' anything at all...It is the lesser virtue of 'not-doing'
something bad;,, something 'intolerable'...
Exactly what is the nature of that which is targeted for 'tolerance'? Race, culture,
ethnicity, sexual orientation, and religion...are there more? Of the five elements
above, four are in place before any infant draws first breath.  If these are the
things we tolerate, are we not then merely tolerating the characteristics assigned
through the works of Creation?... Perhaps failing to realize the associated
Perhaps, it is the element of religion presenting most confounding of all.  As
religion endeavors  to bridge the differences among peoples to a more universal
spiritual definition, it often finds failure in the catering to segregation along
spiritual/religious lines. Separation along the lines of faith becomes risky business
as it congeals around beliefs with confounding undercurrents as the first 4
elements remain in play.
Most good people already exceed the noted limitations of mere ‘tolerance’ perhaps
failing to realize self a an active player in the positive advance of social evolution.  If
you or I proclaim the virtues of ‘tolerance’ while in the presence of diverse
company…We are doing so much more then merely ’tolerating’- are we not?

It is difficult to identify any lasting positive association with the term "tolerance" as it
applies to another human or perceived group of humans. Inflamed hemorrhoids,
traffic jams, politicians, and humidity are all legitimate candidates to which the term
tolerance can be applied. The notion of one human tolerating another, is in fact an
illusion, with no legitimate applications.
Racial diversity, cultural traditions, and positive 'alternative' lifestyles are the
saviors of humanity at the base, and the antidote to homogeneity. Perhaps
humanity will gradually adopt the standards of a higher morality in recognition that
diversity among all virtuous people was intended by Creation to positively enhance
the experiences of a life lived upon earth.
Mere tolerance as it applies to race, culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and/or
religion, functions to disrespect the entity of the individual and provides little to no
immunization to present /future misunderstanding.  "Tolerance" is the standard for
the Couch Potato lover of humanity...the person who simply aspires to 'stay out of
the way'...the person ..who considers the watching of "Miami Vice" reruns as their
own contribution to racial equality and integration.

It is an implied concession
and willingness to view the
individual first, as a member
or representation in the
context of  group belonging.

As individuals within collective
society we will form no
friendships or meaningful
alliances with any individuals
other then 'our-own' if mere
tolerance is standard to which
we report.  
During times of prosperity, bellies are
full and the warm sun illuminates the
reflective shine of a ubiquitous  
'Tolerance'  seeming to prevail over
all.  Meanwhile, simmering just below,
there exists the  essence of 'something
else'.  Something seen before but, then
again not... Losing no potency in
apparent dormancy...simply waiting for
the call to greater influence among
peoples, who thought it not possible, to
ever turn upon a stranger.
The term applies in reference to a
group rather then the individual.

It is an effort to frame a
'positive'- with the absence of a
negative as the primary claim to

The notion of tolerance is a left-over relic
of 'separate but equal' and has no
affiliated positive notions in proximity.  It
is conditional and unstable.  It should be
tossed-  and you owe me a pizza every
time you say it.

diversity is the answer

not the problem


Mere tolerance provides little to no immunization to present or future misunderstanding