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house fly
Perhaps it is an inability to appreciate events
occurring over spans of time that hastens the demise                            
of the                      typical house fly...

.In the human realm, differing scales
events in terms of 'billions' while
geologists 'tone it down' to millions.  
Changes to the social landscape of
humanity occur much more rapidly.  Whether by comparison relative to
the universe or even if limited to our own planet, that which is known of
our own development has only a span of a few thousand years through
which it may explain any form of existence .

Still, relative to even a few thousand years, the span of a human life
occupies only a small fraction of time in this smallest of frames.  We may
sense a connection to greater scales but the brief exposure experienced
in a single life may limit a realistic appraisal of 'place' and 'significance'
Way Back
In order to better understand the existence of racism today it may be helpful to consider
the relative recency in which it began to emerge as a powerful influence...   

In prehistoric eras, it seems likely nomadic tribes rather naturally adopted the criteria of
exclusion as a pragmatic response to the relative shortage of resources.  It was nothing
personal, it was simply a matter of survival.

As cultures began to merge these territorial
instincts remained intact.  Dramatic distortions
arrived as the base-fear no longer derived from
a legitimate point of reference.  Distinctions then
became drawn along lines of race for the likely
reason it was here distinctions relative to
peoples was most obvious.  That seen and
labeled as 'societal evolution' was actually
something quite contrary.
Across the globe- and in all mixed cultures-  racism had emerged as a nebulous force
and an effective facade behind which egregious racist actions were not only practiced
but widely endorsed.
Many may perceive historical events outside the lifetime of any
known person to have little relevance to influence in their own
life and/or society in the present.  

Perhaps an alternative perspective on time, as it pertains to
historical events, would lend an increased sense of continuity
relative to the influence of past events upon those of the
Blurs in Time

It is a human tendency to prioritize understanding of significant events within the
framework of their own life time. The majority of humans are relatively young and
understand only intellectually that significant events actually occurred prior to their own
birth. Even those of advanced age remain young relative to the vast expanse of human
history.  At some point in later adulthood most  begin to sense they were a child
yesterday and will be deceased tomorrow.  Even then…timelines, extending back,
eventually blur and meld to one frame of ‘a long-long time ago’
And so…for the purpose discussing race, racism, and equality we’ll keep it all within the
frame of the ‘modern era’ (beginning with the year 1 A.D).  Please take a moment (or
two) to consider…

Travel back to the year 1 A.D., then move forward by converting
years to minutes using the military model. With this approach one
hundred years is represented by the passing of one hour on the
military clock converting to a compression of time perhaps better
understood by the human mind if only for the reason most, if not all,
of us are not afforded enough time to fully understand time relative
to a universe developing incomprehensibly more slowly.
slow time
make lemonage
As an example: the year 450 A.D. converts to 0430 (or 4:30am DY2).
The year 1865 becomes (approximately) 1840 military or 6:40 pm CT.
With the use of the DY2 perspective we can view an event such as the
death of President Lincoln in 1865 as having occurred less then an hour
and a half ago relative to the present 2007 (shortly after 8pm).

From the frame of 'human time' relative to an apparent dismissal of
time by a greater 'Universe we may be afforded the opportunity to
better explain- just how it is- the actions and beliefs held by those living
in the 1600's ( for example) may still remain 'in-play' in the influence of
obstacles we face today.
Many of the obstacles we face today represent the residual
from widely practiced and sanctioned oppression, cruelty,
segregation, war, etc.  There is no reason for this not to be
so...it all happened a very short time ago.
of time are applied to explain      
sequential events...
closer then thought
Astronomers explain celestial

spans of time

difficult to comprehend

In order to better understand the existence of racism today it may be helpful to consider the relative recency in which it began to emerge as a powerful influence