Those who advocate positive change in the living-years may find a life-span too short to experience
the rewards of their efforts. It is a role of action in alignment with higher-principle- to which any
individual can be but a part. It is the constant pursuit of higher principle...Not reliant upon the
presence of evil to forever be incomplete.
Here we are…

Some will say that the United States is not a great country; this is simply not true.  
Despite the glaring inconsistency between stated principle and applied practice,
this nation continues to evolve in the direction of justice and equality for all people.
What is true is that we could be better...much better.
As we ponder the suffering experienced by those subject to institutionalized injustice within a nation
and throughout the globe, we may ponder the meaning of a life for those surrounded immersed in
oppression and injustice.  How can we believe that life really has any 'meaning' where these
conditions prevail?
In the absence of  full understanding, it seems to be the case that hope and optimism inexplicably
prevail through an appreciation of the courageous lives before us- lives of good people who often
persevered under conditions most of us can only partially imagine. The relative comfort availed us in
modern society (particularly in the United States) sometimes seems as though we are beneficiaries
of lessons learned by virtue of knowledge gained through ill-begotten means.
Some will say we are a society in moral decline... “you go ‘head if that’s your
idea of fun”.  More and more this nation is about equal respect for diverse
traditions, ethnicity, race, and ‘traits of birth’.  We face many threats and
perhaps none greater then a complacency presenting as the facade behind
which irrational fears remain unresolved and only momentarily dormant
'We' are surely not what 'They' would have predicted but, 'They' weren't 'here' and 'We' are still not
'there'.  The Constitution is a 'living' document with a 'spirit of its own'.  The challenge has always
been, and will always be, to keep the impediments between us open to 'address'.  

Would  the authors of the Constitution be 'shocked' in response to the
beholding of the 21st Century United States?  'Surprised' at least- but, most
would be pleased that progress has been made.  There would likely be a
degree of disappointment relevant to the pace of universally applied justice.
Where are we going?
We are the simultaneously benefactors and victims of the actions/ideas advanced by previous
generations.   History suggests Action/policy restricted to the bounds of  'good intentions' often
renders results only seeming positive.  If not founded in timeless principle these practices become
fixed as 'the way things are'; then becoming extremely resistant to change.
Although the Founders of this country created a document committed to lofty principles it would not
have been possible to envision the attributes of application found in future generations.
In the Present...
fast and slow
you are here
Back and Forth
someplace else

At times, national boundaries function to provide the illusion of separation/isolation...a
sense that the concerns of one have no relevance to those of another.

This may be the case in some disconnected parallel universe- it is not the case in