Any society with diversity rising will find it increasingly difficult to establish sufficient
consensus relative to the implementation of any singular 'contentious-cause'.  To the extent
any given policy or practice addresses the needs/situation of any identified conglomerate, it
will be diluted by the 'impurities' within and, the permeable and overlapping boundaries on
the fringe
It will be a society in which no institution/belief can be represented by anything close to a majority.  The
foundational constructs of Race, Religion, and Politics remain 'in-play' as factors-of-influence-- only to now
be found distributed among the subdivisions of representative entities.

In this society, the individual becomes absorbed by multiple factions in varying
proportions.   As the ongoing expansion of unique representations proceeds, the
individual becomes increasingly aware there are many factions of which he will neither
understand nor have the option to chose.  Soon to follow is the realization none are
more/less significant/legitimate relative to another
With diversity on the rise the opportunities for the individual expand...The individual now has the option of
participation/affiliation in a number of factions in which the boundaries of belonging have become
permeable and blurred.  Whether by association or, direct involvement, multiple overlaps place those in
proximity with whom there is little in common. Yet, not beheld as a threat...The factors not in common has
now become the descriptor of that shared in common
Over the course of a life the individual will both add and subtract the affiliations
defining of 'self' while the nuances of proportion remain in constant flux.  It is in
the selection- and prioritizing of affiliations by which the individual ultimately
differentiates as one without precedence.
Meanwhile, a segregated society will find many within self-destructing in an effort to
individuate...  It is in the countenance of others in which the troubled beholder sees of
self in reflection.  Resentment festers, reaching the threshold of compulsory expression.
Immersed within diverse and overlapping factions the Individual will search in vain for one who is all the
same...  Eventually to find, the precious soul with nothing in common...  It is here he finds his greatest ally
Surrounded and immersed
in a sea of 'freaks' and 'uniques'...
The individual changes the world
where ever he or she may go
VIRTUES OF DIVERSITY                
  (aka. no longer just a nice thing to say)

virtues of diversity

freaks and uniques

Surrounded and immersed in a sea of 'freaks' and 'uniques'...The individual changes the worldwhere ever he or she may go