Desire for Equality
Throughout this nation and around the world there is a strong and prevailing sentiment  yearning to
reconcile the inequities of the past- yet, there remain pockets of ongoing discrimination and
segregation. The desire to change exists among the vast majority of citizens while a nebulous
hesitation hints of an obstacle with attributes immune to comprehension. Perhaps there is a
perception that failed efforts of the past are evidence that desegregation and human equality may
never be fully realized
It is sometimes difficult to envision a place to start....Perhaps there exists a broad perception that  any
effective solution must be complicated- eventually submitting only to the expansive works of our
greatest Intellects.
The problems, causes, and solutions have become distanced and externalized representations-
perceived caused and addressed by '
them'.  'They' who are 'them' are those within a government.  
Among the many unspoken understandings- It is 'them' who have been hired to
fix the problem in
exchange for immunity to the
consequences of  a cure.
In concluding that the challenge is beyond individual influence, many simply accept the conditions of
the moment to be "just the way things are"...

The powers of nature and Creation have assured the course of collective
destiny, if to exist at all, is ever-forward... In the present, there is a new
generation of youth who are-at the least- less dogmatic then previous
generations. It is a group of people much more willing to associate with little
regard to similarities based upon race, religion, sexual orientation, or economic
status.  Such differentiations, if referred to at all, are employed as descriptors of a unique individual-
rather then referential to categorizations pertaining to one who would be excluded.
Perhaps as we seek to teach 'the way things are' we will pause to both
learn and teach the lessons about 'the way things will be'. Wars have been
waged with intentions that the attraction of 'freedom' would someday be
self-perpetuating in the absence of violent conflict. It is our youth who show
us the most important component to achieving harmony is simply the
opportunity to learn and work together in a climate that values individuality and
abhors sanctioned violence...
Integrated America

Integrated Society

Integrated World

It is 'them' who have been hired to fix the problem in exchange for immunity to the consequences of a cure.