Simmering in the social consciousness- across this nation (and
perhaps beyond)- there exists a palatable yearning to break free
from the oppressive constraints- voluntarily assumed when we
view the whole through race-colored lens.  ‘We don’t talk about it’
becomes the common sentiment/statement
It may be the case that the things stated by those cited on the previous page-
along with the collective response in each case- may be symptomatic
manifestations foretelling upcoming change.  If we seek effectively address the
scourge of racism, we will see many more similar manifestations as fragmented
segments excrete the poison prohibiting contribution to the whole.  At times we will
hear and see repulsive things- sometimes from surprising sources.
Now is not the time to panic... now (or ever) is not the time to fear or curtail
‘free-speech’... Energy wasted badgering the unenlightened dilutes the efforts
of those who seek to evolve. It is the collective commitment to equality that
allows diversity to be protected as the precious resource from which our
collective values originate.
Of the vital factors in contribution to equality- dissent is perhaps the
'crown jewel'. Those disgusted with the very notion of harmony and
non-Violence  accentuate the experience for those whose very soul is so
defined. It is on the spectrum between any two extremes any given
individual finds the self in flux..
There seems present, a strange mixture of apprehension and desire, as many fear the
consequences of saying something wrong as the collective learns to speak a new
Wherever two or more people gather,
there the seeds of conspiracy are sown.
And Really...
In a world of so many people, it is the "Age
of the Individual" poised for a revolution with
the attribute of solutions disproportionate to
problems. The individual must be afforded the opportunity to test the legitimacy of social