And there may be yet another problem…it seems that much
of what we are doing presently cannot be sustained-
perhaps not long at all. ‘Trickle Down Detachment’ effects
society at all levels of class and income.  Multi-levels of
processing allow expanding striations to drift away from
direct involvement/ contact with the source.  Meanwhile
fewer are able to articulate expressed knowledge of just
‘where it is’ our mushrooms grow.

If viewed by ethnicity or cultural background, what are the aptitudes applicable
to 'common good' to which a person of a specific group is more likely to have
higher aptitudes relevant to a larger society?  Questions related to these
aptitudes would likely render a more accurate assessment of knowledge
relevant to success in a society viewed as whole.  

It would reveal areas of individual
vulnerability relative to functional
knowledge of the contributions of
those now included in the broader

It would cultivate priority given to
collaboration and development of
sustainable practices relative to the
nurture of natural resources
translation, the codes of success in America typically
equate to a process of gradual isolation from the
inconveniences of broader society.  Good people,
influential people…truly wanting that which is good for all,
proceed upon a course of action only to find the
accumulation of material and luxury often taints
perspective relative to comprehending the nature and
characteristics affiliated with the 'common path'.

As it is presently we cultivate the best
and the brightest to efficiently assume
the skill sets applicable to the
maintenance of modern society. In
Upon a planet approaching 7 billion people, an entirely different set of skills will be
required as we begin to truly understand the futility of pervasive violent conflict and its
relationship to the frenetic consumption of non-renewable resources.  
At the base there will be great need for 'people-
person people'...  There is little need for those who
‘think outside the box"...
There is great need for those who actually

live outside the box’
think outside the