Race Matters

Well it  really does...

As it should

In seeming contradiction to the notion of highest value defaulted to the
individual, and the pursuit of judgment derived from  unique ‘content of
character’- the first step for most is to acknowledge the implications of
one’s own race/ethnicity.  The recognition of internal and external
perceptions associated with one’s own race forms the foundation from
which to emancipate from encoded influence.  Ultimately that encoded
influence is fear…fear that one is merely responding in compliance
with, or in reaction against, the cumulative perceptions/expectations they
and others project upon themselves based solely upon race/ethnicity.
Barriers to the Common (Wo)Man...

In the United States, if a ‘Minority’ individual advocates the causes of minorities…"
well of course they would, it’s in their own interest”.  If a white person advocates
similarly…”well, what are their motives?”  Are they merely responding
pragmatically to changing demographics?  Is this individual "pandering"?..."
placating"..."reacting in guilt"?- there is a fear that individual motive is held
suspect relative to direct involvement and/or support...  

As a Consequence
The ‘Common (Wo)Man’ defers to the proclaimed experts to define, speak,
and act upon the noble causes of greater society.  The result is silent
belief and vicarious deed as those seen qualified to speak of action
become iconic symbols of ‘the way things should be’.  Meanwhile, the
‘Noble Majority’ learns the language to ‘not offend’ all the while yearning
for something so much more meaningful.  Perhaps it is the reliance upon
representation that discourages the full-translation of good intentions into the actions
shaping principled belief.
Has Anything  Changed?

Over time the ‘Common (Wo)Man has exerted influence through the selection
of more ‘enlightened/noble’ icons of leadership.
Still… With the  historical weight of accumulated racial strife, consideration is
seldom given to                         the notion that the vast majority of individuals
actually do crave                      universal justice and equality…and always have!  It
is the absence                           full-permission and/or sustained action conferred
by aggregate                               society that makes the individual question their
own motives.