Why should you be?

Race/ethnicity/culture are among the critical ‘building blocks’ to the foundation upon which the
crafting of individuality is allowed the opportunity to develop.  It is the entity of the individual
functioning as both the savior of humanity and the very definition/reason for the existence of


Eventually, all people will realize that the actions of one person in no way represent the race from which
the real, or alleged, criminal originates. The aggregate white person actually understands this notion
quite well (although any understanding alternative to that of any other is likely a result of perceiving self
as a representation of the majority).
Consider the term "white trash". There is a life-style and cluster of behaviors associated
with this label. The average white person understands that such behaviors in no way
represent themselves and thus do not regard the term as derogatory. Even those who
most closely meet criteria for the term seem seldom offended.
White people are in some ways grateful for the term "white trash". By offering up the very
term and even claiming a bit of it for self permits the distancing from sub-conscious guilt for
past or present transgressions committed by a group of people he fears belonging by
association. The self-denigrating nature of the term permits a sort of counter-balance to the realization
that not that long ago many a white person did consider them self superior by virtue of skin color...

Skin color!
Stuck to it

We recognize that race/ethnicity does indeed matter but we perhaps
misunderstand just why that is.  Within our social institutions we then, to
the issue bring focus but, we don’t know why we look, so we think it’s not
okay. We then become fully distracted from the legitimate source telling us
what we are looking for, which leaves us only with a confused sense that…
“yes, race/ethnicity/culture matters… but, mainly for reasons stuck in the
past.  This, then crackles with a cross-interference running fully contrary
of the human instinct (upon which survival has always depended) to be
ever evolving in a forward direction
Stick to it

Stick here for a moment.  We know some of what it meant to be of the
minority/majority through past generations.  On the road from where we were to
where we’re going, how do these past realities influence or current perceptions?
How do we convert these influences to more efficiently serve the cause of a human
equality that is dynamic and ever-evolving?

"Rubbish" you say, but be honest now... racial humor (and is it really humor?) always represents
much more then would first appear. In reality, the average white person truly does believe that all
people are created equal. In the end, the use of the term "white trash" may actually be positive in
the sense that distancing one's self from a collective perception is a step toward the realization of
one's self as an individual

Perhaps you are one whose perceptions are fully freed from any pre-conceived notions
relevant to race/ethnicity/culture but…
monotony of monotony, why would the crown
difference- if only to view through the frame of
reverence for the individual as opposed to
As we behold the factors that seem to
mandate diversity we see the beauty of
definition by congregation.  Throughout a
Creation widely believed initiated to break the
distinction as opposed to
the perceived obstacles of
jewel of ‘meaning ‘ be anything less then unique
individual contribution to the cause of originality?