There seems to exist among some ‘minority’ individuals, a degree of expressed
hypersensitivity/regret for the negative actions of other people perceived similar relative
to ethnicity/race. This would appear related to a fear that such actions reinforce long-held
stereotypes relevant to “just the type of thing you would expect to see from….”.  Such
actions may illicit a double-pronged fear reaction just at, or below, the level of or,
willingness to admit/discuss.   It is an issue that cuts to the sovereignty of individuality
while simultaneously challenging relative regard to one’s own ethnicity.
Pity the Foo
Of Self
Of Others
Apprehension associated with the first 'prong' relates to the actions
of another, in seeming contribution to a set of negative collective
expectations.   The individual of same race fears damage has been done in the quest to
establish individuality outside 'definition-by-perception'- derived merely by association with
God-given race.  …”And here this fool is, just playing right into it!”.  

Apprehension related to the second 'prong' is
more subtle and perhaps many would argue
against influence- or even existence. Yet,
somewhere on a plane between the nebulous
realms of body and spirit, there may loom a
menace perhaps posing as a much greater threat
to the entity of the individual.  

More often then not, more often young then old, the minority individual finds the proverbial ‘fork in
the road’ may lead to the precipice of a spiritual crisis.  Does one take the leap of faith required to
participate in the whole of humanity?  or...accept the dictated fate of external circumstance? It is a
junction at which destiny becomes defined by intention- in contribution to a collective humanity, or-
by default- in acquiescence to the  negatives of accumulated human nature.
Shape of Reality

As we contemplate the status of social evolution relative to past and future indicators, we may
indeed be able to make the case we are/were rightful in our present reliance upon the statistics by
race to determine progress.  Simultaneous, we would certainly be wise to acknowledge the practice
exerts significant influence within the social organism to which we may otherwise
Reality is over-rated...but...

Criminal acts make the headlines. Viewed collectively, minorities are over-represented when it comes to
those criminal actions deemed news-worthy. Without further exploration the common citizen often
subconsciously perceives these traits to somehow represent an entire subset of people which leads to
a situation in which one will fear another, for no real reason and,
both will fear the fear in the other
most of all.
erroneously perceive the custom as autonomous.  The attributes of perception become realities
when statistics are applied and title conferred to a fractional belonging.
It is an apprehension- perhaps an ill-defined, subtle, and
unexplained sense of foreboding... It relates to a primordial
realization that in the shadow of a collective negative
expectation, 'deterrence to the catering' is diminished
through a shared stigmatization.  

shame for the actions of others

reflects to oneself

in the shadow of a collective negative expectation, 'deterrence to the catering' is diminished through a shared stigmatization.