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Few would argue that to each distinguishable race of humans there does exist collective traits and tendencies. History is full of conflicts
seeming to originate from assignment of disproportionate significance to both real and imagined differences. Often conflicts between sub-
sets of the same race are among the most brutal and may actually be driven by the resentment of similarities more so then differences.


Any arrangement anchored in the practices of True Equality yields dynamic results to all who would participate in the exchange.  TE
transcends the bounds of fair practice associated with mere material exchange.  TE occupies a broad band in a great arch of higher realms
Over time we have come to understand that there are differences between men and women. This understanding has yielded positive
results in the quest of equality for women. The same results can be attained in the area of race, religion, etc.

Absent equal respect we have slaves to whom we can not even claim contribution to abode

…is the child out of wedlock sometimes the function of concession to attrition or maybe a long-term effort to integrate with greater society?

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Criteria for admission would be publicly visible and believed transparent with much larger roots
simply understood. The potential for boundless benefit counterbalanced only by the potential
for complete destruction.

Cultural bias/test results
The ultimate question tells all…
What skills are needed in the face of imminent and great change? Must we label all current practices unfair or detrimental?  

Consistent with the laws of creation, character spawns from deeper character of soul while springing from same source (see
‘Horse Shoe’ duality).  Virtue and transgression compliment a congenital character present at moment of birth and waiting
direction while sharing equal passion to thrive in competition for mutual resources  A deeper Congenital Character decides
that which is just and manifests in deed across all circumstance. the 'white rights' and the 'right whites' factions....relax you will be okay.
Vicious cycle/white guilt
White people are afraid to admit the problem for fear in so doing they will then be branded a catering to stereotypes which they
instinctually experience as sending the message that they feel superior. This of course expands the problem because they also
feel that this will worsen the feeling of inferiority that the black race subconsciously feels about their collective self already. If the
presence of 'white guilt' is perceived as a just experience in the direction of balance for past transgressions, here may be a prime
example of counter-productive function

Somewhere within my own psyche there exists an elusive and clever component telling me the indulgence of just a bit of racism
may be acceptable. It is a tendency of mine to view Caucasians largely as a single entity. In effect, the prejudices I harbor serve
to place white people in categories related to negative stereotypes I chose not to refute.
Applied Uniformity
As a brief diversion consider this…Think of a person you know, or once knew, who would proclaim “I treat
everybody the same no matter what”.  First of all, it is probably a statement proven false with little search/effort
required.  Indeed there is the rare individual to whom the proclamation is mostly true.  Can you think of such a
person?  If so, think about that person for a moment.  Can you hear them say “I treat everybody the same no
matter what”?  Okay, now see if this statement fits into the equation…”Well yah, and everybody pretty much thinks
you’re an asshole too”
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…realized great change often cannot proceed in the convenience of isolation.
White plight


The individual takes the first step into the promised land through pursuits dedicated to human equality as it is
defined by the great forces of Creation. This becomes a conviction to which all other desires and beliefs acquiesce.

Then and On

Rev. King understood that in order to legitimize progress in this country the focus must be expanded to greater
humanity.   As he began to explore these potentials in the world community, his voice was silenced by petty evil.  We
now perceive the life of Rev. King as an iconic figure of near-mythical proportion widely perceived to be one who
represented the collective good of humanity.  

In my own nation we will soon see the noble ideals to which we genuinely aspire will bear new meaning as we
abandon our practice of 'spiritual-isolationism'.

There is no time like the 'present' and no frame passed has ever been better.  'So much more to do' will always
be the 'charge' but we know you're still with us- both here and there- as we look forward to 'better things ahead'

Perhaps it is the case that a young person of great passion and zest is more vulnerable to destructive forces
then a comparable youngster with fewer distinctions in character. In the formative years of youth and even
beyond, there occur individual experiences of great weight.... Will this young person be exposed to the
resources relevant to cooperative living in the midst of a diverse humanity? Or will this individual succumb to
the negative forces of an environment segregated from a greater society in which there is little exposure to the
influences that may have otherwise mentored the individual in the direction of sustained and cooperative
success? travels with any child regardless of their environment. Certainly the limited exposure to life itself
exerts influence as a lack of sophistication places a child at far greater risk for exploitation. Events and
accidents, viewed by adults to be of little consequence, inherit far greater significance when occurrence applies
in the life of a child. A small deviation from path experienced by an older adult has a good chance to be
recognized and addressed. A seemingly small deviation from path, experienced by a child, has the blessing, or
curse, of much greater proportionate influence.
as the boundaries between
material and spirit lose the
clarity of distinguished
A collective purpose, only
intermittently sensed in the
process of ascent,..

now with features...
begins to emerge

The apprehension and fears
of the past fully relinquish
There is a convergence at
the summit...
Not by a focus to eliminate evil, but through willful pursuit of  all
things good, ever-evolving in direction to transcendent greatness.

As societies have evolved there has been the painfully slow inclusion of people ‘other’ then white.  Perhaps some would argue
the gradual inclusion originated in a higher awareness or noble intent.

When it comes to racism there is a cap on the degree good works were borne of noble intent.  While such-derived realizations
may well exist, they are not features of any group representation.  All other motives are peripheral to the underlying motive
of simply saving one’s own ass and that is not a bad place to start.  Over time many have arrived at a better understanding
of TE with an incorporation of noble principles into an overall positive belief system   A starting point, more often then not,
begins at the base level of self-preservation.

White plight

We may witness a collective anxiety as white people realize there will some day come a point in which white
people represent less then 50% of a nation comprise of diverse racial blend.  For generations schooled in a
history largely defined by the actions of white males, many may have difficulty envisioning how this will all
work.  Could this possibly be the USA our white founders envisioned?  Probably not.  Although, for those
pioneers true to noble principle there would be a great appreciation for any move in the direction of equality
for all.  If you are a white American who is honest with self there may be a humbling realization that although
acknowledged to be good, there is a tinge of guilt as you must admit it is hard to picture.  Perhaps some will
secretly yearn for the day, already gone, when they could believe their own lack of sucess could be traced to
an inverted favoritism representative of a second wrong
There is evil in the suseptability to evil
...and the teamwork needed to do it (wwe metaphor
.there's all kinds of 'i' in team
Definition of culture (maybe belongs in institutional racism?)
Random notes:
-I don't advocate socialism or communism as an can't correct any form of "ism" with another form of
-in some ways true equality is understood by discovering that which it is not
-as long as black people are referred to as African-Americans there will be a qualifier preventing the universal
perception of fully integrated participation
-The bulk of Instit racism derive from the sub-conscious level
The Peace quotient
Cherish the one you most dispise equally to the one you most revere lest they merge to one