As the life of Rev. King proceeded he likely understood (as his behavior would suggest) the overall
cause of Civil Rights originates from networked sources bearing universal applications.    To any
person or entity claiming contribution, Rev. King would likely maintain there are no unequals in
contribution to the common cause...  
Like many spiritual leaders Rev.
King often spoke with the use of
metaphor to illustrate concepts with
applications along the full continuum
within the shadows between the
realms of material and spirit.  
Throughout history humans are
inevitably endowed  a Prophet who
defines needed change…Rev. King
is the prophet of our day.  
the individual,
a nation,
and beyond...
In the ascent to the summit there is the struggle to define and
implement the approaches needed to establish the parameters in
which human equality has the opportunity to develop. Along the way
the individual exerts genuine- and sometimes awkward- efforts to
collaborate with others for the cause of justice and equality.
Mistakes and setbacks are at times discouraging but the individual, set upon the endeavor, remains
focused upon a promise just beyond the summit.  Tho not seen there is that to be sensed...It is a
walk in faith perpetually on a trajectory to equal regard.
There is a confluence at the summit- as the boundaries between material and
spiritual lose the clarity of distinguished boundary- and endeavors for the good
become the pursuit of transcendent greatness. A clarity of purpose, only
intermittently sensed in the process of ascent, now begins to emerge as the
apprehension and fears of the past fully submit to powers, not of will to eliminate
evil, but of the decision to adopt the principles of good, both universal and
eternal- previously conceived as accessible only upon death.
To the summit, to the beginning....a life searching for unique individual meaning in the context of a
greater humanity, world, and universe. The courage to endeavor a path unknown is inspired
through anticipation...It is the great adventure paired with the navigation in realms of dynamic
universal principles continuously applicable across all planes.
Societal change often occurs over broader spans of time as incremental
advances may occur with little notice.  Obscured in the advancing of
common cause there exists the rumble of colliding forces awaiting willful
direction.   At the point of critical mass great change occurs through
revolution of thought as factors- previously fragmented and imperceptible-  
emerge with definition and relevance.

There are no motives more or less legitimate...  

There is no individual driven solely by the cause of

There exists no one person driven exclusively by the desire to
appease the guilt relative to past/present transgressions...  

There are no favors granted...

There are no gifts accepted in sympathy...
There There