‘Probably not’ I’d say, as we both want to look the other way.  But if that’s what we do, well it’s
already been done…that’s why history has what it has, and we’ve got what we’ve got.  We’ve got
to go back, both you and I, to take it out of a book and make us sick. To span horrors imagined
to those that are real, is to bridge the difficult and behold a future we both can see- one in which
we all are free.
Time Travel

The average person likely presumes that if they had lived in the time of slavery they would have possessed a
degree of enlightenment similar to that they perceive themselves to currently maintain. It is likely that the 'time
traveler' of the present visiting 'days of slavery-past' may experience revulsion similar to that experienced in the
present.  One of the greater historical exceptions would be the discovery of any individual, contemporary to
those times, sharing beliefs and enlightenment identical to those of the time traveler from our era.
In the present we recognize the institution of slavery has been abolished in the United States.  Although, it
may be wise to also realize it was an occurrence taking place not all that long ago... the social 'hang-over'
continues to exist.  To the extent that a society, or individual,
tolerates the perpetuation of 'social-ills' traced to
the residual symptoms of 'past wrongs' there really are no 'past wrongs'- only those that remain 'present'
begging to be seen as
progress having ‘arrived’.  If the current incarnation of any one or more 'ill' is only a
modification occupying the space of related 'past wrong' it is only marginally, if at all, less deplorable.
If we were to  meet the time-traveler who ‘was there’, does she know something more then
we who choose to ‘stay here’?  Of the topic we have read, we have seen some
photographs, documentaries, and motion pictures…but, she was there!
It would seem that all ‘horrors-of-the-moment’ lose potency over time…it is the mechanism by which the
damaged soul heals and lives to somehow ‘forgive’.  The nature of that experienced in the moment differs from
that felt by virtue of recount.  In the span of difference between the two experiences lies the gravitational pull of
‘places forgotten’.  Atrocities recur as the expanse becomes too wide to link.


You and I are time travelers from the present; we find the idea of slavery appalling.  Our mission is to take our
present attitudes back in time to a point when our young nation was even younger…back to the days of
slavery.   As always we must follow the first rule of time travel- we are not to interfere in any way.  The nature
of our mission is personal; it is to discover whether that which is observed has any effect on interpretation of
that we see in the present...
There was a man tied to a post, does it matter that he was black?  The skin on his back is shredded from
the end of a whip; does it matter how many times thin leather cuts through flesh?  We’re both there all right,
does it matter that I am white and you may well be ‘not’?

travel back

trip in time

Subconsciously pondered, the math is done...The exact odds of this random occurrence? Well, few would know with certainty but virtually all would sense this to be very rare