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Faux Emancipation

Ultimately if  the Individual speaks his own ethnicity more harshly then
all others it would be with the intent to define individuality at the expense
of others.  Fearing the perception to be regarded captive to
"'group-belonging'  the Individual declares some strange Emancipation
through self-proclamation.  The Individual then becomes vulnerable and
inconsistent through the declaration that  all should be regarded relative to
character  while me simultaneously communicating  the expectation 'self'
will not be assessed by same criteria.
Relative to the shifting demographics in the United States…  
In the very near-future there will arrive a day in which
Caucasians’ no longer represent the mathematical majority.

For the generations schooled in the recount of history--
largely defined by the actions of white males-- many may
have difficulty envisioning just how this will all work.

Could this possibly be the USA our white founders

###  If society is dominated by a particular race (eg
caucasian) and gender (male) as many proclaim to be the
case in America, evidence of this influence will permeate
virtually all facets of the culture. As more a matter of
consequence rather then intent, societies with similar
profiles will be inherently structured to favor those who
resemble the profile of its founders.  ###

Many successful "minority" people carry an extra burden
associated with their own success...

There may be  a nagging sense of guilt as others in his
assigned group live with disproportionate hardship in
poverty and/or perceive this person as one who has sold-
out to the ways of ‘the man’...

He/She may also be prone to a sense of inadequacy
and/or a fear that current successes are fleeting and it all
may come crashing down with little warning.
A disproportionate number of young inner-city
males characterize their dreams through a desire
to play professional sports and/or becoming a
'Rap Star'...

A greater society assumes that these kids are not
smart/sophisticated enough to realize the
improbability either will actually occur.   

Why does appear to be so?
A closer analysis might reveal there exists
little else that would qualify as a legitimate

Just outside the bounds of segregated
existence, there exists a diverse and
complex society.  It is a place laced with
many positive opportunities...

Many of these young people have experienced
little beyond the physical /spiritual boundaries
of their own segregated community.  

It is a world occasionally glimpsed through the
distorted lens of television

The 'land of opportunity' presents foreboding
and prohibitive.  Through lack of exposure the
templates founding success will remain
The lofty dreams of youth have failed to
materialize.  The thirst for adventure and
'purpose'  demand address...

The options of escape remain, tho few would
argue they are intrinsically attractive
Slavery and the economy

The use of exploited slave labor has many negative implications outside the realm of a very
clear immorality...Certainly many large projects have been expedited to completion of large
through use of slave labor.

From a purely pragmatic point of view, such outcomes may have been perceived as
positive.  at the peak of slavery these quick results were realized by means artificial- as
opposed to a natural succession of discernible stages. The wealthy became very wealthy
and the chasm between class/race only grew.
Do we believe all are created equal or, do we
know it so?  If we concede to knowing, it may
be wise to acknowledge that such news would
likely be viewed as detrimental by the
ruling class