Early humanity found constant vigilance to sustenance and survival left little
time for anything 'other'.  There was little time or opportunity to contemplate
the existence of happiness- let alone the 'pursuit'.  But, all things beheld- and
all things endeavored- had intrinsic
meaning.  It was all-or-nothing
destiny...Mere survival and the notion of
meaning  were inextricably linked on
equal and shared plane.

By process of social evolution, human innovation and collaboration eventually
permitted the advent of ‘specialization’ as the one who learned to cultivate the
land allowed a small surplus in matters of basic sustenance.  This permitted
another to innovate as rudimentary forms of industry emerged.  
Simultaneously, or soon to follow, art emerged initially accentuating the
functional then later perceived as an entity unto its own.  
Soon to follow the Specialist emerged- now availed more time to focus
the efforts of innovation and pursuit of knowledge in dedication to a much
more focused effort.  That which once required full diligence to secure in
its most rudimentary form, now became the beneficiary of those with more
time, interest, and aptitude- directed more specifically to the advance of a
singular cause/focus.  Innovation across multiple planes began to
accelerate- not always in sequence, not always with positive results.
Education was not born exclusive to necessity but as an institution to
augment necessity. The pursuit of knowledge spawned the institution of
education as the vehicle by which it would be served. As specialization
converted to the formation of disciplines the phenomena of accelerated
innovation began to accrue the burdens of unanticipated consequence.   
The notion of happiness arrived serendipitously rather then by deliberate pursuit.  
Fleeting moments of warmth and satiation- in congregation within safe abode-
permitted fellowship and rudimentary forms of collaboration away from the
distractions of constant threat.  These brief interludes were shared by all in
proximity.  It was also the case that none were immune to the consequences of a
failure to negotiate the terms of interface with the volatile outside world.
The pursuit to acquire knowledge relevant to a chosen specialty began to demand a
more singular devotion at the increasing expense of all others.  As a consequence any
given discipline began a divergent journey not only incongruent to most others- but also
in longitudinal movement away from the causes served at inception.