Most would agree the typical teacher presents as a
good and noble person.  Many Educators spend their
adult working years affiliated with education....  Yet it
is well known that teaching alone will not yield great
material wealth.  There must surely be something
'other' then the pursuit of wealth operating as the
primary motivating factor.

Perhaps at some level the aggregate teacher understands
education to be a reciprocating proposition.  Perhaps the
teacher extracts benefit while in the midst of volatile
integers...  Is it the siphon of youthful spirit?... The
gratification in contribution to positive development in young
citizens?...  Or, is it the opportunity to both anticipate and shape a better tomorrow?  
Likely, education at its best is found to be asking the questions relevant to which a
student must answer in ways true to self.

Of the Present and  to Follow...

But, we need a different sort of graduate- both in
the present, and in the future. We need a graduate
with awareness of, and dedication to, a different set
of priorities- priorities already existent but not
widely recognized...  
It is human nature to behold that which is and presume all is as it
is meant to be.  We subconsciously assume aggregate presumptions
within narrow parameters as we set about educating our youth.  We
allow 7.5% variance from the middle of our collective reality and
tailor our education practices in accordance.
Tools designed to measure the effectiveness of the institution of education- as it
exists in the present-have only the past as the sole source of reference.  Bogged in
present context we may be failing to consider the aggregate-youth may be
instinctively attending to more pressing matters just begging to be taught-
matters directly related to the survival of humanity.   
What motivates a teacher to teach?
We use 15% of our brains (apparently not true, but fun to say) as we look
outward in search of that restricting our potential.
At the Moment...
Many of those who would currently insist reform is needed, would site as evidence,
the data gleaned from the tools designed to measure the effectiveness of the
aggregate structures as they now exist.    We would then recite the statistics
relevant to falling and/or declining test scores and wonder...

It's the Teachers Union!
It's those Illegal Immigrants!
We've gotta get back to the Basics!
Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child!
Having come 'full-circle' Education once again inherits great
meaning and relevance if we can only learn the lesson of
teaching-- that in need-- of being taught.