1-             yes

2 & 3-       yes   
Few would disagree that disproportionate service to one at the expense of the
others would assure outcomes most detrimental to the cause of nation and

4-              no

5-              Wha'd ah, do I look like some damn psychic or somethin'...How
the hell would I know!?


In a world ever-increasing in population, finite in resources (as currently
defined), and showing signs of wear it would seem a different brand of applied
knowledge may be required.

And soon.

It seems likely that if we were to approach an identified need for change in
education we would have little by way of results if we were to approach change
through the established mechanisms of bureaucracy found throughout all
levels of public institutions (and some degree of  bureaucracy is a necessary
and good thing!**).

Timely and meaningful change in education will require a change in the
collective regard; it cannot be dictated or even constrained by efforts to define.

As a place to start it may be helpful to speculate upon the characteristics
needed of tomorrows citizen.  We will continue to need engineers, machinists
who rely upon the purveyors of renewable resources for the materials of

From soldiers to police, from police to coach we will continue to need those
able to harness the youthful passion of beauty or destruction dependent upon
intentioned channel.  As we ponder the nature of tomorrow’s citizen we will
probably realize these traits would fit quite nicely in the society of today

In a world with a lot of people we will need a lot of ‘people people’-couriers of
cross-culture knowledge and diplomacy
Is education to serve the young or is it an
invention to employ the teacher?

Is it mainly to serve the young through
instruction of all that is known?...

Or, is it to free the young minds to ponder
that which could be?

Is education something that occurs inside a
building as administered only by those of
whom we have certified as qualified for the

If viewed in compartmentalized fashion, do
the measures by which we determine
success have meaningful relation to the
integrated young adult we would desire to
produce in the effort?
Y                N




How did you do?