There are many who feel the present-day educational system is not effective and in great need
of change.   Could it be we are trying stack that which is intended to flow?  Gravity has the
effect of bringing the focus back to the basics relevant to our collective mission...

Life on earth is all about life on earth; is this a lesson to teach or one to be learned?
Upon this earth- and in this era- there exists peoples within obscure tribes
living a lifestyle most Americans would consider primitive.  While we may
wonder why it is these bands of people remain underdeveloped, many
would concurrently view those found there as simple, unsophisticated, and
of lesser intellect.  
We can talk of great things of earth and universe perhaps failing to realize
it all becomes irrelevant in the absence of primary regard given to life and
planet.  Lessons learned derived from a source-- many generations
removed from 'original-derivation'--may render only the illusion of
While we imagine a God not satisfied with simple and sustainable lifestyles
("God surely wants bigger things from us"), these tribes exist in harmony
within their environment and with one another.  

If to venture outside their home (The home immersed in 'green technology
and practice') our definition of intellect, success, and priority would simply
make no sense...
The institution of Education seems to have strayed from the point of origin.  In the
beginning, all education was 'applied education'- it was a time wherein circumstances
mandated the necessity to 'get it right'...'Get it right quickly!'
The notion of 'higher education' arrived serendipitously rather then by
deliberate pursuit.  Fleeting moments of warmth and satiation- in
congregation within safe abode- allowed a more favorable life-expectancy.  
The former 'brief interlude' within sanctuary began to expand as well.  

Elder statesmen went indoors- gradually disconnecting from direct contact
with the outside world.  Having lived to 'old-age' the words of old men where,
by default presumed those of wisdom.  It had become possible to live a life
sheltered from the volatile outside world.
To the Present...