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Perhaps it is among the more contentious social issues where the influence of the 2 party system is of
most profound.  Those issues receiving the most attention appear to have the common theme of 'human
equality' at the base.

The issues claimed by the 'past' would. be the issues of
Slavery and Suffrage while the 'present' can claim
the issues of 'Immigration' and 'Gay Marriage'.

It could be argued (as it will be here) that any society evolving in favorable direction will find both obligation
and benefit from adopting ever-increasing inclusion of those peoples previously 'marginalized' or
'excluded'.  As a result, these issues will rise to prominence through all forms of debate.
Perhaps the political landscape in the United States will someday
feature a legitimate 3rd political party- able to compete as an alternative
to the Republican and Democratic political parties.  Within a nation
self-perceived diverse, free, and filled with countless opportunities, it
would seem such a thing should have already occurred...
                     We have yet to see a legitimate 3rd party…is there a Conspiracy?

Although seemingly counter-intuitive, justice experiences 'best-chance' in an environment prohibiting full
containment.  Relative parity among opposing forces effectively assures that no party, doctrine, policy,
practice, or law is ever fully immune to contention.  That’s the nature of Creation and the universe and it is
good…very good.  The moment upon which political homeostasis is achieved is the moment just prior to
full-consensus upon complete destruction.

I do not know what happens after we die, I do know it is the one who challenges my most cherished
truths who assures the deferment of my knowing.
The existence of 2-party politics is a logical manifestation extending from the very nature of the universe
itself.  Whether it is life conferred to the
organic or that conferred to an idea... Life of any form is reliant
upon instability of elemental forces existing in  relative equality to proportionate influence assuring all
remain within the boundaries to which the 'exceeding' equates to full-annihilation
Party for Two?
Ultimately, some form of legislated resolution will be mandatory.  
The path to prominence for given issue (Gay Marriage for example) begins somewhat subtly by process
of introducing a
fragment-of-the-whole to the party most willing to listen.  If to presume favorable
legislative outcome, the issue has now graduated to prominence in the arena of public debate.  The
affiliated party has now added committed constituents to the ranks and nuance to it's 'platform'  but, must
now 'proceed with caution' in order to retain the members who would disagree.  This is going to be a very
long process....
Ultimately, there are will be many rewards consequential to alignment with the causes anchored in
'Justice' and 'Equality'...The common voter eventually see the merit in the policies of 'inclusion' even if it is
to those they do not understand.  Although doubt and hesitation may still be pervasive, there is a growing
momentum favorable to the cause.
Life is good for the party affiliated with a cause growing in favor.

Life is not so good for the party stumbling in the rubble of its own breached barriers.  The greater cause
of 'Justice' and 'Equality' is now calling for re-evaluation...Mere survival will soon demand a
Relative to "position on the issue" the party in 'opposition' will closely align with the party in 'favor'.  It will
be an adjustment both pragmatic and in alignment with 'higher cause'.  For whatever reason(s), society
was only recently able to entertain the idea of expanding the components to its foundation.  The
opposing party played a vital role in the process by assuring an evolutionary pace compatible to broad
assimilation of seemingly new ideas.
Both parties now agree this issue (staying with the issue of Same-sex Marriage) is one directly tied to
the higher cause of 'Justice' and 'Equality'.  From this point forward opposition may continue to exist but,
it will have no public sanction and ever-diminishing support.  Having made the journey through the
powers of 'favor' and 'opposition'- it has now emerged as a fully legitimate institution with broad
acceptance- having no negative consequences for those to whom it does not pertain.
This has been the process by which current understanding was established on the issues of Slavery,
Suffrage, Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, and many more.
Well of course the answer would be "YES"…there has always been an abundance conspiracies...but,
none of significant relevance to this discussion.  

But, we were talking about politics...

Though seldom the case in
reality, the 2-party system thrives through the perception that the both
parties will unify behind
polar-opposite positions relative to any issue of substance.  In reality- as time
and social evolution proceed ever-forward-  issues large and small assume fluctuating levels of
relevance and influence.  
same-sex marriage

2-party system

Illusion of Polar-Opposition


Though seldom the case in reality, the 2-party system thrives through the perception that the both parties will unify behind polar-opposite positions relative to any issue of substance.