Kind of a strange concept really...and a fairly recent one at that.  Millions of people across the world long
for the day in which they can stop obligated work...
II.       Segregation?

Perhaps it is the case that retirement at times functions as the
gateway drug to a pervasive
segregation of the elderly.  Having worked for decades performing unappealing tasks, the individual
voluntarily (or at least perceives it to be voluntary) removes them self at a time when extensive life
experiences would provide society invaluable benefits if only to be accessible..
III        Unspoken Message?

The notion of retirement implies there comes a time when the contributions of the aging
individual are no longer valued; it is time to 'step aside'.  Following that last day of work the
individual receives the proverbial watch along with the contra-indicated cake and then....
V. To conclude

As a nation and throughout the world, it will soon be better understood that the aging and elderly
are indispensable resources to the cause of an evolving humanity.  It will be a return to the
beginning  through inclusion of all-ages in in all facets of the village...This time the enriched
attributes of that village include individuals from all walks of life.
IV.        Lifespan

It would seem the intent of Nature and Creation would have the individual life to be not only
experienced, but shared in full during the span of years spent as a physical being.  As we consider
the most contented seniors the most successful of persons retired are those who really, have not.  

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-Alternative Endings
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-nature of work