In the US the role of competitive sport has profound influence upon most, if not all, levels of
culture.  In its most obvious function it provides entertainment for millions of people.  But there’s
Dynasties rise and fall over time as the uniformity of rules assures all involved realize they may
one day achieve the ultimate outcome in the form of a championship.  .A dream made accessible
to all who would care largely explains the mass appeal of this particular institution.

Competitive events aligned with the 'true spirit' of sport create adversaries as opposed
to enemies.  Adversaries recognize the need for one another as indispensible;
enemies prefer the other killed.  

In organized sport a team will travel to the city of an adversary, compete under
identical constraints of rule, and may even leave town victorious… all without fear of
violent retribution.  The only condition of influence with possible differential distinction
is the partisan spectator- seeking influence upon outcome through the mechanism of
Competitive Sport functions as a strengthening weave in the fabric of society;  it allows for
expanded boundary for discussions relevant to individual character.  To behold athletic
performance as a window into individual character and commitment, greater society is able
to speculate upon matters transcendent to sport yet simultaneously seen relevant or
related.  It is neutral territory and there are fewer constraints relative to race, ethnicity,
sexual orientation, etc.
As a manifestation of adaptations necessary for survival, competitive sport emerged in recognition that instinctual
responses designated to both sustenance and self preservation are instinctive yet  unrefined.  In the absence of
opportunities in application and/or release, these instincts are subject to deterioration.  At some point circumstance
may align to demand an immediate response only to find latency equates to extinction and/or wildly distorted

Sport caters to territorial instincts innate to humans...
Territorial boundaries become assumed for the recruit who can now expect reciprocated
loyalty to the missions of the team.  It is an agreement made in the absence of coercion; for a
specified amount of time.  The individual may stay with the same team for the length of his/her
career.  More likely he/she will join another team at some point.  This transfer will not be
regarded 'traitorous' as all who play understand their primary allegiance is to remain true to
the spirit of sport and fair competition.
As a prerequisite to identity as an individual, there must first be the frame/reference from which to
build. It is a frame provided within the parameters of group belonging.  Group identification in
absence of exclusivity and/or impermeable boundary caters to the differing traditions that
augment the human experience.
In the realm of Sport...
Life sustains existence, and acquires definition, through constant adjustments to harness volatile
variables all seeking dominion as singular entities.  All living things must continually evolve in order
to perpetuate.  Absent adversity, prosperity becomes an unfounded illusion soon subject to the
devastating consequences of forces only imagined no longer existent.
The whole of sport and competition is an entity of no less stature then its sibling found in the whole of all that is
art.  It is a dynamic force- found only in part- within the realm of that seen, while the majority of attributes
remain in the more nebulous realms defined by the individual.
In the this particular 'modern society', it is the many components within the entity of 'Sport'
functioning as the outlet and mechanism  by which the skills prerequisite  to survival maintain
function and viability