As an institution, Sport is given due attention- although
likely underestimated relative to the breadth and depth of
influence.   As it pertains to both societies and aggregate
humanity, what role does organized sport play?  

Connected to All

Whether directly competing as an individual...Within a team,  or observing as a spectator-
the appeal of sport and competition is lost on very few.  From a very early age most
children are drawn to the appeal of sports and the broader issue of spirited competition.  
Through adulthood and into old age- well past the ability to vigorously compete physically-
most humans remain attracted to some form of sport.
upon which time the  historians ponder the many contradictions of
early 21st century society?
Within the realm of sport and competition there exists both the answers and the mysteries with connection
to the body and spirit of humanity within a continuum from the individual- extending to all who have ever
lived.  Clues to both the nature of our purpose- and our inability to fully comprehend- are revealed in victory
and defeat.  Participation connects to all who have ever been bettered by the challenges of a worthy
adversary in fair competition.
How will any given institution of modern society  be regarded in the future?...   
Is it all just ‘fun and games’ or, are there more significant
levels of humanity represented within the established
parameters of fair contest?
soccer ball