Evolutional Vacuum
Many view modern technology with skepticism and apprehension- perhaps, rightfully
so.  At a base level, there is evidence to substantiate legitimate cause for concern.  
Social Welfare programs can assist the individual to partially bridge
any loss of material  related to the primary needs of the physical
being.  Although, just yesterday this individual was one generation
If all physical needs are assured through dependence upon external
conduits, what happens to the individual’s sense of purpose,
contribution, and self-sufficiency?  
In the present it would seem that Relative 'aggregate-affluence'
among the masses sustains by virtue of the near-universal
appeal of luxury.  However, in short-time- luxuries often convert
to become a perceived necessity- rendering a brand of
dependence with characteristics resembling a collective
What are the consequences if the frameworks of delivery are
damaged or destroyed?  Multi-levels of processing allow
expanding striations to drift away from direct involvement/
contact with the source.  Meanwhile, by process of  ‘Trickle
Down Detachment’ a growing number are unable to articulate
expressed knowledge of just ‘where it is’ our mushrooms grow.  

The trend of more automation and increased efficiency is likely to
continue.   The direction is positive society cultivates the conditions
in which any given individual is able explore the implications of a
redefined life-purpose within the context of adapting to dramatic
change throughout all levels of society.  As technology continues to
As automation and efficiency have continued to evolve,
negative results can often be observed- particularly for
those who were displaced in industries formerly
requiring humans to perform the tasks now performed
by a machine.  
less removed from direct participation as they secured these goods by
virtue of currency earned through work.  

Idle time is likely the greatest enemy to the discovery of individual purpose (or so we
hear anyway).  
Panic Bad...Logic Good
infiltrate every facet of society we will soon witness the emergence of increased social
and financial value ascribed to those who possess the skills to effectively perform those
tasks associated with the front-end of any one or more production sequences.