What is a hero? Superman...right?  

Superman's all right but he ain't no superhero.  Rather then using his
powers to prevent the commission of crime, he simply shows up just in time
to prevent physical harm to the victim...then leaves.  

He forms no lasting relationships and has no on-going obligations...
He functions as a highly efficient social janitor...
He tends to be a 'glory hog'.  

Ultimately Superman is merely doing his job as he lacks the imagination and
commitment to contribute to the fullest of his potential- perhaps fearing crime
prevention would significantly diminish his role and recognition in  the

While the completion of dangerous work indeed
takes courage, status is diminished proportionate to
unrealized potential...

Dangerous work is not dangerous work if the threat of
physical harm does not exist...
And, courage  alone does not a hero make...
The true Superhero is all that plus some.  This person is
blessed with a loving partner and supports children by
demonstrating love and respect continuously.  Many good
deeds often go unrecognized as they are conducted
anonymously or even unconsciously.  The Superhero is
A Hero is...
The person living peacefully and in harmony with both humans and the
environment.  He/She is diligent in the financial, emotional, and spiritual
support of his/her children.  She/He is respectful to former relationships and
instructs children in the ways of cooperative living.  
blessed with timeless wisdom and is tune with the higher principles
pertaining to the collective good.  

Some of the characteristics of the Superhero can be attributed to the
parenting and environment to which he/she was exposed in formative

It takes desire and a little luck to be a Superhero.  

There are heroes and superheroes amidst us wherever we go.  You will
probably recognize them before they themselves do.