Big Bad Gay
Still afraid of the homosexual?  "It's not a matter of fear, it's a matter
of sin"  "God loves the Sinner but not the sin" blah blah blah.  
Perhaps the biggest contradiction of religion (as it pertains to
Christianity at least) is the notion that all 'sins' are absolved through
accepting Christ as personal "Savior"... Yet,  still remaining is the
perception that it is the responsibility of humans to change the
behavior of humans...

It makes absolutely no sense that a Creator would endow homosexuality for the
sole purpose of a 'temptation' to be avoided.  Meanwhile no similar obligation is
The explanation to the answer in no way pertains to a fear of retribution-fear is not a
prominent feature in the psyche of those who seek harmonious living in the midst of those who
would ostracize.  Within the answer lies components of unique contribution to solution in the
address of numerous human challenges.  
Is it possible that Creation spiced humanity with a pinch of 'gayness'
as an accelerating multiplier serving 'Greater Good'? Please listen to
the voices who say otherwise...Are they basing a stance from
something they were told? Some interpretation of ancient text
generations away from initial wording?
6000 years of
running out of
required of a greater population willing to condemn a congenital  sexual orientation.  A condemnation
volunteered with little recognition or understanding given to the countless other facets applicable to the
whole of any individual human.
Here's to the future

While a greater society still possesses a residual instinct to piss boundaries and kill intruders,  the gay
person often brings a peaceful intent and demeanor to any situation.  Perhaps the gay individual
represents a hybridized individual instilling a sense of nuance where there once was
allegiance reserved for the outer-fringe of opposite extremes...Functioning as a
representation able to permeate the bizarre and counter-productive barriers found in
cultures and nations.
But the scriptures say...

Is there a nice way to say
'shut the hell up'?  
None come to mind,
so I'll only say it once..
'Shut the hell up!'
Go watch some football!
There is an arrogance of presumed knowledge pertaining to the unique specifications desired and
required by a Creator to whom is attributed the design of the very diversity many religions seek to
homogenize.  Religious arrogance has no peer in the realms of human-folly.  Speaking as the mouth piece
of God is so over the top outrageous it often passes as 'gospel' with perceived credibility ascending
proportionate with the audacity
Seldom, if ever, will it be heard of homosexuals isolating a straight person for the
purpose of perpetrating verbal/physical abuse...Why?*  How about Gay parents abusing
their children?* ...
*Try these inquiries with an actual gay person (they're everywhere you know)- they'll
probably present with a bewildered expression and have no idea what you are talking about
As humanity continues to shift the focus upon individual- and, collective spiritual evolution- the unique
contributions of the gay individual will become even more vital in an environment committed to equality
and liberation from oppression
Among many there also remains the perception that it is the responsibility of humans to 'save' other
humans from Hell...then kill'em quickly to assure avoidance of the eternal damnation attached to relapse.
It may seem redundant in placing a large portion of blame upon religion...yet, the best outcome
currently available for the religious gay individual is finding the church/religion proclaiming welcome
and embrace of gay people.  Not bad...But stuck...It is something that simply should be
understood...It should be true without the saying, should it not?
It was 4000 years
when I was a chic

Role of the Gay Person

Everything Happens for a Reason

It makes absolutely no sense that a Creator would endow homosexuality for the sole purpose of a 'temptation' to be avoided. Meanwhile no similar obligation is