Summa Y;all...

Seem to engage in disproportionate self-destructive behaviors...reckless sex, and
over-use of recreational drugs to name a couple.  Perhaps there is a streak of
self-loathing related to a
sense that a greater society often does not permit the gay man
to freely explore the roles of intended contribution.  
We live in a society where gay people too often feel reluctant to reveal the critical facets
vital to 'being'.  To this day we still have many gay people who feel they must hide their
homosexuality in order to be accepted in virtually all realms of greater society.  As gay
people continue a journey to safe sanctuary as full participants in every facet of society,
what will be the nature of their contributions?  
In order to live a truly fulfilled life it is as though a greater leap of faith is required of the
gay person.  There is a vision of the future where gay people are fully included in every
aspect of society and then there are the realities of present-day culture.  With the
realization that full inclusion is not likely in this lifetime- a committed belief and effort
committed forward, lends to consolation that some day, it will be so.
Perhaps there will be a broader bridge of understanding between the sexes.  Maybe in
world affairs it will be the influence of the gay psyche that provides extremism
gravitational pull in movement to common ground.  Perhaps there will be understanding
where there otherwise would have been conflict.   There will always be gay people, it is
up to a greater society to determine if a great resource is to be embraced or tragically
lost at the peril of all humanity.