Gay Myth
What a tragic response to
imply a connection
between homosexuality
and the exploitation of a
child.  Those who do such
deeds are criminal
pedophiles with no
relationship to sexual
orientation.  It could be
argued that such a
response only serves to
compound the tragedy for
both the individual victims
and a religion otherwise
committed to goodness.  

As with all other forms of
discrimination and phobias
there are a number of
irrational and
counter-productive myths
that surround the notion of
homosexuality.  In a recent
example, the Catholic
Church announced it would
no longer permit openly
gay men to enter
priesthood.  Presumably,
this policy was developed in
response to the pervasive
sex-abuse scandals
involving child parishioners
and priests.

On the political scale all gays are radically liberal.  

Seemingly unrelated to malicious prejudice and seldom
spoken- just widely assumed true.   In reality of course, it
can be seen that Gay
people represent a breadth of
political affiliations similar to that of a greater population.  

No matter where the Gay vote is cast, it is done so with
the realization that no major political party feels they can
bless a Gay marriage

And did you hear the one pertaining to gay parenting?  

Rumor has it that gay parents will mandate gayness from their children.  This is not only
untrue but in some cases quite the opposite as some gay parents may overcompensate
in the direction of heterosexuality in a perceived need to be beyond reproach.  Someday
soon there will be no perceived need to illustrate this point:  
There is a 1 in 10-20
chance gay parents will be blessed with a gay child
And speaking of Gay Parenting

Rarely will an unwanted child be found among gay parents.  The
process of navigating through both practical and social obstacles
eliminates those not fully dedicated to both the initial process and
following obligations.  While in the presence of great effort and
love, how can any child not greatly benefit from this type of
environment?   Humanity would probably be served very well if
more thought and effort were required of all perspective parents.
How 'bout wanting the 'unwanted' child?  If you listen you will
rarely hear the perspective gay parent mandate the
characteristics required in order for an infant to qualify as their
own child.  Is this merely a pragmatic adaptation to the inherent
constraints of 'gayness'? Probably not!  More likely it is the
extension of an unconditional positive regard similar to that
which must be embraced continually by any person of an
excluded designated minority...It equates to an existence
relatively free of destructive resentments.  
Does it ever seem the self-proclaimed righteous would
prefer to have a fetus aborted rather then adopted by a
gay couple?  Or, perhaps some would indulge in lesser
manifestations of righteous arrogance through
advocating an extension of stay at the orphanage.  
Surely this cannot be true.
But Children of Gay Parents will be Picked on by Other Kids...

Well, if at all true- You have just done your part to maintaining it as so.  And hey, it
makes it much less likely your child will be the one targeted.  Although, make sure
to tell your kids to stay away from 'those' kids...those 'queer-loving kids'.  These
dangerous associations may get your child labeled as a 'lover of queer loving
kids'.  And what would that say about YOU?   LMAO of course:)
Life on earth can be a cruel and unpleasant experience.  Priority would likely well
served by identifying the individuals and entities representing actual threat.  Good
parents around the world instill courage and perspective through consoling little
broken hearts and soothing the feelings that can hurt so much.  This applies to all
children regardless to the subject of ridicule and regardless to the gender-orientation
of the parent.
Perhaps homosexuality is a pandemic and it can be traced back to a live-birth as the
point of origin for all those seen as afflicted.  Of course this begs the inquiry ...
When is a fetus considered human? And, when is a fetus capable of being Gay?
Love for a child, is love for a child...
There will never be too much of it

Gay myth and phobia



Does it ever seem the self-proclaimed righteous would prefer to have a fetus aborted rather then adopted by a gay couple? Or, perhaps