No-Fail Test
Sexual Orientation Test

Would you like to take the 'Sexual
Orientation Test"? Take the test...or are
ya' pussy?!...
It will be the shortest test ever taken...

It is impossible to fail...

The results are guaranteed to be positive...
So you think your a straight man do ya'? Close you eyes and begin to
imagine...Imagine yourself snuggling in bed with another man...You can
feel the stubble of his whiskers on the back of your neck and his hairy
chest almost tickles your shirtless back,  you can sense the aroma of
freshly applied cologne;  he leans over and shuts off the light.
This test can be taken by anybody but the test subject here is a heterosexual male.  Play
along...pretend you're a straight-guy. LOL
You passed the test as promised!  
Now what?
...for 'Straighties'