In  consideration to the good we’ve already accomplished (even if limited to the avoidance of annihilation) there is
truly cause for great optimism when we realize most of the things we believed are in fact exact opposite

The course of humanity
The nature of life is that nature dictates a course fully contrary to the course collectively led.  A course out of line
with nature inevitably manifests through strange and counter-productive behavior.  From such, laws and beliefs
derive to provide an outside source intended to modulate the current problems.  Hope for long-term solutions
cannot exist while in the embrace  of temporary aberrations.


The inevitability of social evolution will bring the more enlightened practices

This presumes that the entirity of that which we currently practice is wrong and/or would no longer apply.
The ultimate challenge will lie in the retention

---perhaps large corporations provide volunteer employees as well as money...done from the frame of developing
and extracting new talent and a broader customer base from pools previously given little to no regard. (umpqua!)
…there will never be a national flat tax, multiple brackets better absorb incompetence

What of those who say it never happened?  If not then what does it say of those who would make it up.  If they who
fabricated the story could be found could we assume contact with an evil so vile as to justify their elimination
through a genocide based in dispatching those obstructing ‘goodness’-it become a brutal and vicious cycle in a
spiral of obscene belief and deed.  ….if you say it did not happen are then conceding it never should


Early on it would seem as though the designated beneficiaries of
legislation addressing equality was initially intended to emulsify
distinctions pertaining to
variations found in subtle shades of citizens both white and male

-individuals evolve spiritually not because of impending morality...more a factor of being alive long enough for
its acquisition.
.if your religion fosters the cause of non-violence, justice, and equality then I would like to claim your religion
as my own...if you don't mind me sharing your goodness with other faiths of course. If that would be perceived
as collaboration with the devil then perhaps we should keep our relationship at the level of respect for human

gay, other religions, the addicted, etc while simultaneously maintaining the end of time as a desirable notion.
When the truth is so obvious there is no need for reasoning
It is alternate destiny
shaped by superstition and fear
believing in things
not possibly real,
refusing to see that which truly is.  

If a baseball breaks the window of a neighbor, an
apology is issued and usually well received as
malicious intent is
not evident.  In contrast, if an aimless explosive
projectile breaks a window and kills a child there
will likely be no
apology accepted and malicious intent is
understandably assumed.  A thoughtless act
haphazardly lobbed in the
direction of a people of whom a learned disdain
was plausible now takes on much broader
The approximation of universal equality would have
attached to it a collective experience of mourning
for the dead of the adversary. Little distinction would be
made between civilians and military
personnel. No grief can be greater then the lose of a loved
one as a result of warfare. To not
understand that is to perpetuate the conditions in which
war is assured through the mechanism of an existing and
profound disrespect.
If the individual American could be
guaranteed a life of affluence and
luxury would their position on
immigration be different?