With certainty there are a number of theories seeking to explain the chain of events
relevant to the commission of genocide.  The common thread through most appears
to be an effort to conceptualize and isolate the contributing factors of distinction...A
reasonable approach if only logic and reason were somehow applicable to the topic...
There is a path upon a plane...It leads to events both hideous and horrifying.  Absent
awareness- and/or a will to retract- destiny stops at  genocide;  This is not the end of
the journey...And, when the killing ceases those from all-around and in-between will
agree it should never have occurred.
There are the terms in language to describe the antecedents...Terms to describe the
 There is no plausible- or known- frame of reference to explain the
horrors experienced by the Individual.
Those who remain behold humanity with nagging doubt, left to wonder how it
could ever happen?

Atrocities mocking 'mere-evil' invariably have this effect.  

The search for explanation through a panoramic exploration of all that can be
seen and heard will render comprehension forever elusive...
If the commission of genocide is immune to academic understanding, the issue then
becomes not whether anything is learned from history...Perhaps more the issue
relates to how the knowledge is applied. The competent recitation of historical facts
restricts understanding of applicable significance to the finite limitations of present
context....The issue then becomes one of learning about history rather then seeing as
relevant the very 'lesson'.
There is a treacherous  illusion embraced by many.  It is a by-product of its own
recognition.  It is the sense of comfort gained through verbalizing the notion that few
if any are fully pardoned culpability in contribution to genocide.  It is the dangerous
illusion that mere acknowledgment and agreement that this is
'so' somehow equates
to immunity
It seems as though no explanation exists to explain why it is decent, law-abiding,
people will 'turn' upon another in such horrifying ways.