The individual senses self as inconsequential relative to an evil
perceived pervasive and complex.  

It becomes the obligation of something/someone much greater.  

One who 'can't'
seeks one who 'can'
if not 'here',
then 'somewhere else'.  
If not 'now',
then some other time.
The one who 'can' ...
can do it all
just not quite here...
and not quite yet.
he is on his way...
soon to be billed 'savior'
The conduits to atrocities to follow begin to set  in the pursuit of collective
representation  seeking approval from a higher power whose agenda can only be
But this is not genocide
nor is it the start
it is merely the entrance
upon a plane.
  Road to

It is a place whereupon any action can
eventually be justified in service to the
cause of a 'chosen people'  
If dark forces cannot be
destroyed, 'chosen people'  
perceive and label it as
something else...