The slip is subtle yet, none are exempt placement on the spectrum...In descent to a plane,
dark and foreboding
, all are 'in' by mere virtue of being.
Perhaps it is human nature manifesting within conglomerates accounting for a hate
conveyed to those who fear them most.  If indistinguishable in appearance, it is fear
amplifying a preexisting disdain to something much more volatile and ubiquitous.
Within the momentum of a spiraling downward-descent, any collective entity of
lesser-might will find it is a very bad idea to show fear and vulnerability.  Yet, if to view
'might' as the relative ability of a majority to wage violent conflict...fear is the inevitable
experience...and fear never proceeds unnoticed.
To those who would perpetrate the 'solution' emerges as obvious and the implementation
requires only the 'will' inspirational to the effort.  The atrocities to follow arise from a
source absolutely devoid of imagination and curiosity
Having no desire for conflict in the first place there naturally emerges a great fear
amplified by the realization of vulnerability across all planes
There exists a foreign invader- and to those who become assigned to this entity there
exists a set of attributes to which none within are immune the perception.  It is an enemy
whose own self-perception of so-recently 'belonging' has left him ill-prepared for violent
conflict with those so recently seen as allies or merely adversarial.  To the now
, negative events both real and imagined become the accounting of a
collective people no longer seen as individuals.  
Then came darkness
approaching stealth
missed by most
until all is lost

Matter of fact
it was just last night
something risen  
filling the void we left to fill
Of you my neighbor
I saw you there
we were waiting in line
for all we can't share

It was at the store
right in front of me
we seldom speak
but you seem to me alright

I see through you
I see it in your eyes
you are everything about me
that i despise
Now I see you stranger
for who you really are
there's enough for all
but not for you