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Hitler et al.
In the absence of equal representation among factions national governments default to the most extreme
individuals claiming to speak for all.  As totalitarian regimes gain constituents there emerges a collective
compliance largely motivated by fear.  In the process of acquiescence to unrestricted authority the
populace continues to sacrifice liberties through demonstrating near-absolute compliance.  The chant
converts to frenzy as the individual seeks to silence the nagging doubt.
The  Proper Care and Feeding of a Tyrant...

In order to better understand the evil found in Adolph Hitler and like characters, it is perhaps advisable to
ponder their humanity…how all humans share a core of experiences in common...

The tyrant does not become so by natural forces.  Likely, the tyrant does not initially intend to assume the
role and attributes of a tyrant.  It is a process started and allowed by a populace- first naive and or grateful-
soon to be subject by rule of fear.  Rare would be the Ruler who would not exploit this form of opportunity.
Join the madness or lay low to ride out the storm become the premier options of choice.  In the midst
of constant turmoil and shifting alliances, neither is without great risk.
Throughout human history countless tyrants have circumvented the boundaries of individuality to solicit
other minds- often, otherwise good people-  to their demented cause.  Whether through appeal or threat of
harm, such alliances have yielded atrocities from the reflexive to the orchestrated, in manifestations truly
beyond comprehension.
Mind Trick
A collective change in belief eventually appears masquerading as a conviction. It is a
baseless conviction...A symptomatic manifestation of human fallibility.  There are those few
that preach it...And many more who believe it-negativity and gullibility merge as one.

A collective compliance reveals to the dictator there are no established
parameters within which accountability is mandatory.  Absent accountability to
any moral foundation, social chaos inevitably follows as even the dictator
becomes distressed by the absence of boundary.  Violence and killing become
the measures of implementation for a vision that has fully lost its way with no
semblance of core principles (even those profoundly misguided).
As an individual it is unflattering to perceive one's self as motivated by fear.  In the
presence of a substantive- yet, nebulous threat- the instinct to survive rises to
prominence.  Through measures of adaptation human fear can be suppressed through
a collective psychological mutation allowing the individual to adopt the accommodating
beliefs of a constituent- with a concurrent understanding that such was freely chosen.  
Fear has now morphed to resemble 'courage' and compliance is seen as 'loyalty'.   The
typical constituent wants no association with unjust oppression. A change in belief is
the logical adaptation allowing the 'unjust' to remain unseen.

There are others who feign belief- knowing in whole- the stated allegiance serves well the causes of their
own self-interests.  Meanwhile the highest standard- to which accountability reports- descends to only that
of 'plausible' as all actions can now be justified in service to common-cause.

The Appeal?
Most nations would likely desire a society flush with natural resources, a government shaped through
individual liberties, and a society free from racial/ethnic strife.  While these collective-characteristics sound
very desirable perhaps it is a sobering thought to realize these were the outcomes desired by Adolf Hitler as
well.  From the outside looking in- or from the present looking back- most would likely agree...

Not all outcomes are justified by the means in which they are met.
He said: let the demonstrations
continue, and withdraw the police.
The Jews need to experience the
people's fury at first hand, just this
once. It's only right and proper

Joseph Goebbels journal (quoting
Adolf Hitler)

Proper Care and Feeding

of a Tyrant


Absent accountability to any moral foundation, social chaos inevitably follows as even the dictator becomes distressed by the absence of boundary