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For the most part The notion/existence of MI does not make sense.  most individuals likely
sense this as true but in the absence of alternative explaination humans have evolved to
approach the unknown by the use of vague language and sweeping generalizations.
If it were safe to 'wonder' perhaps the given individual would go 1 of 2 ways in search of answers.  the
first individual would look to the spiritual realm (most likely through the lens of religion).  They may
behold the suffering and presume it belonging to a 'master plan' orchestrated by a deity.
While most may agree the notion of MI is incomplete, there would be little agreement
pertaining  to the nature of that which is missing or, the implications affiliated with the
discovery...It would seem as though  advances in the field of mental health are slowed by
the search for solutions within present context
So...If we consider the issue of MI as a whole..it is overwhelming for one thing...and any reasonably sober
person will concede there is no way to understand (given breadth and complexity).  But, this might be
looking in from the out and working backward in treating symptoms derivative from some nebulous cause
deduced to exist
The person of science and the person of religion may claim they know how and why but there is
something missing...Both are stuck in the process of looking for answers/solutions within the
bounds of their own constructs.  And, as if this weren't bad enough...They seldom talk to one
another.  As a matter of faith it is proclaimed that MI does exist, and it was the scientist who said it
was so.
A..Deconstructing the known

  Godel's Incompleteness Theorem
       -proof that nothing can be proven

  -Myths of Science

  -Myths of Religion

  -The Merge

         The function
If the Individual reports of seeing //hearing a strange event
Absent second-party corroboration both Science and
Religion will lend an explanation...One may mock the
response of the other but, neither can claim anything beyond
mere speculation
B.    Propositions:

  -The myths of science and the myths of religion are viewed as equally legitimate
(or not)

  - Advances in the field of mental health are slowed by the search for solutions
though the lens of current understanding.....
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