Although the definition placed to any given classification changes and/or incorporates
sub-sets over the span of time, there always seems to be those who assume the role
As it pertains to any widely-held perceptions, there is a point at which the given issue
becomes a reality- even if that 'reality' finds base exclusive to a pervasive
shared-delusion.  If applicable in this case,
Mental Illness would be granted regard as
substantive and legitimate as beneficiary to the broad-perception as an issue with
inherent substance and legitimacy.  Of course perception alone bears no direct
relationship to authenticity...
Science v. Faith

Relative to authenticity, perhaps it could be argued there is no legitimate
reference point from which Mental Illness can be proven or even deduced to
exist.  Science may argue
natural selection and dynamic evolution are the
forces assuring a more complete and sophisticated human.  Yet, in seeming
contradiction Science simultaneously endorses there are great numbers born to
a congenital defect  equating to a lifetime of 'illness'.
Meanwhile, those of 'faith' would likely suggest the Mentally Ill are players of
higher-purpose, in a great 'Master Plan', in compliance to the wishes of an
omnipotent and loving God.  And then?...lock'em up anyway
to fill the sub-conscious expectations of any society.  It is
here where the individual is made vulnerable as
aggregate factions affect change through
conglomerates as opposed to empowerment
bequeathed singular entities.  Those who somehow fail
to 'belong' risk marginalization as the 'price-to-pay' in     
retention of individuality
If to view the notion Mental Illness as an entity both singular and
legitimate, most would agree it is an issue of which our current
understanding is limited.  If widely regarded as an issue of
substance, to what can the notion attribute legitimacy?
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on edge

Mechanics of an Illness

Real or Not

Those who somehow fail to 'belong' risk marginalization as the 'price-to-pay' in retention of individuality

Is Mental Illness...
really Mental Illness?
What is Mental Illness?
How does it work?
How does it work?