Perhaps the greatest harm associated with Mental Illness is our
inability to understand the very nature of its apparent being.  
Some would hold true
as I once believed

of my insanity   
through silence I
should leave all to

rather then through
expression remove all

I now know this untrue
with a passion ever
unmatched to former

A nut is a far happier
nut if to not hide at any

and as for all others?...

fuck 'em if they can't
take a joke.  
Nature of Illness
If not ‘illness’ then what?  ‘Syndrome’ perhaps?  The term ‘syndrome’
implies that early in one's life something unique slipped past the
gatekeeper- but we got our best people workin' on it to make sure it
won’t go unchecked.  How ‘bout ‘condition?  Perhaps a move in the
So many opportunities...
So many more ways to get lost
Perhaps it is nature itself begging change from the individual most prone to listen...

Engulfed in the mass of humanity the hypersensitive individual perceives the many
things maligned with innate cumulative knowledge.  Seldom sensing self as
something other then a minute blemish detached from the whole; the inability to fully
comprehend suggests to self that something is wrong.   A heightened sensitivity to
the contradictions all-about then defaults to a presumption an aggregate humanity
surely knows better.  Meanwhile the invitation to individuality becomes perceived as
a burden attached to defect.
From the moment good intentions motivate us to address the very topic our
effectiveness is likely crippled by the negative connotations inherent to the term
‘illness’...  An illness demands effort directed to cure while a cure demands outside
consultation and assistance.  Meanwhile, the heard voices from within are too often
dismissed of alternative interpretations through the immediate call to action demanded
in response to an illness,

What is the nature of the existing obstacles that prohibit a better understanding of those
symptoms we assign to the label of Mental Illness? A growing child develops an imaginary friend
and it is seen as acceptable…to a point.  There is a line at which point factors of age and social
norms suggest the imaginary friend is no longer a friend and in fact has suddenly become a foe to
which many believe is a foe be feared.
We use 15% of our brains (not true but still fun to say) but rarely question the nature of the
untapped potential within.  What if Mental illness becomes a problem through the applied fears of
misunderstanding?  Borne to present context the child who is later to be regarded as 'Mentally Ill'
soon discovers the is no clear point of reference for understanding her own sensitivities.
Most would agree there are layers of meaning with associated applications along all lines of
material, physical, and spiritual realms.  The individual with simultaneous access to multiple
layers of meaning may well experience difficulty assimilating the information in a fashion
meaningful to self and/or others.  Observed as fragmented speech laced with mixed or
otherwise nonsensical metaphors, the hyper-sensitive individual soon shares the
apprehension associated with that not easily explained.

A classroom of youth may well behold those of another race/culture in equal regard but there remains acceptance in
a much narrower range relative to expressed behaviors and speech.  The net effect is a lost opportunity to develop
an individualized interpretation of words and actions for which there is no context to explain when restricted to the
narrow channels of common understanding.
The words expressed by the amateur synchronized to multiple planes of meaning may well make little sense at
first.  Through a process involving the free-flow interpretations of others, the opportunity to explore new frontiers of
individuality enters a realm of no limits subject to the multipliers of dynamic collaboration. This, contrasted to that
found in the present were those seen as 'Mentally Ill' often exile from society- marginalized by nebulous unseen
looking in
looking out
right direction although still weighted by nebulous connotations. At least this term
implies that there are at least some associated features to which full elimination is
not an option…accommodations will be required…..But,we barely know what to call
it let alone how, or if, it should be removed.
imaginary friend
Points of Reference

Nature of an Illness

Real or Not

There is a line at which point factors of age and social norms suggest the imaginary friend is no longer a friend and in fact has suddenly become a foe to which many believe is a foe be feared