Technology in developed nations has availed unprecedented luxury throughout all
layers of society.   Retirement, vacation, 40-hour work week, insurance, air travel,
vaccination, cell phones, the Internet….These are just a few of the
innovations/inventions not available as the 20th century dawned such a short time ago.
Contextual Influence

Many would assert an over-dependence upon technology has made us soft.  The implied
consequence of greatest concern is the increased vulnerability of both the individual and collective
societies if one or more of these innovations becomes no longer available.

In the absence  of absolute uniformity there will always be those on the
periphery.  For some it is a position of deliberate selection in response to a
combination of life experiences blended with awareness of their own innate
predispositions.  For those in occupation of this location life on the fringe
sharpens the experience and enhances the sense of individuality...
Still others find themselves occupying similar space relative to the 'norm' sharing like positions through the
dynamics of displacement without knowing consent.  Time and circumstance conspire in a fashion suggesting little
room will be made for ‘such kind’.  Both stand before the void of madness knowing not whether it is freedom or
despair awaiting crossover.
Blame Society?

Perhaps a song grown old, played so frequently it has lost legitimacy as factors legitimate and otherwise become
indistinguishable.  If we were able to minimize reactionary language while looking not for a face to blame but, only
to analyze,... What would be revealed?

Once upon a time there were mandatory tasks directly related to survival in the moment.  
To complain would be a self-injurious bite to the hand that feeds,  to ‘strike’ would be to
perish.  Innovations to mandated routines occurred incrementally with-in a ‘to-do list upon
which survival depended.  There were no career paths to ponder and the goal was to ‘grow
up’ to be a ‘grown-up’.  No one thought of pursuing happiness because there was no time
to be sad.
Suffering alone doth not
an illness make but
suffering alone surely will.
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Conception to Emergence

To this world the sensitive child is born with innate ability to adapt to change at the pace of
evolution.  But it’s the 21st century and it’s all very nice but not quite right.  The child will learn
the language of the spoken and written but will find language itself has not kept pace with
profound change.  Where words explain there is no feeling, elsewhere there is plenty of feeling
but no words to explain.  During days spent on pavement, in cars, and air conditioned buildings
the weather report is more accurate then ever before and would be interesting if only a little
more relevant to the course of a day.
big fish

The belly is full but how did it get there?  There is a house but where's the hammer that built it? The house is warm
but who started the fire?  There’s a freezer full of meat but who invented it? And how?  What the hell's going on here
and what am I supposed to do?  

Detached and lost...made worse by the stratified social norms brought with fragmentation while overcrowding threatens
to narrow the parameters of the acceptable.  Most if not all is seen as an obstacle in our current way of thinking.  But.  If
we were to listen closer to the underlying wisdom of that we currently view insane we may well expand our understanding
relevant to the nature of the 'Individual'
frame gray
To chase unique distinction...
ever evolving  free-flow....
removed of all restriction...
in pursuit of  wisdom
only a nut would know.

Nature of Suffering

to this World

To this world the sensitive child is born with innate ability to adapt to change at the pace of evolution. But, it's the 21st century and it's all very nice but


If we were to merge the efforts of the Preacher, the Teacher,
and the Scientist...We may well discover