"Better to keep your mouth closed and
be thought a fool than to open it and
remove all doubt"   

"What is 'Normal' anyway?" is perhaps a phrase stated with such
frequency it has become largely detached from the expectation of a
thoughtful response.  As a consequence, the more appropriate
question might be "what is '
not'?" And, when does 'not' equate to
something seen as 'Mental Illness'?    
Your theory is crazy, but it's
not crazy enough to be true.
Niels Bohr
As it is with any social construct/institution (C/I) there is a point of
origination followed by a process to eventual regard as 'authentic' and/or
'legitimate'.  In the span of time and events between the two there is often
contentious debate and significant skepticism.  The process is dynamic and
volatile; relevant conclusions are by no means certain.

If to survive the process of tenure, any given C/I will eventually enter the
collective conscience as something widely understood as legitimate.  It is at
this point the rules change dramatically....  

Relevant innovations slow as
incumbency risks conversion to complacency
and stagnation.  It has become victim to its own structural paradigms,
representing the 'box' from which original thought must be transcendent
The statistics on sanity are that
one out of every four Americans
is suffering from some form of
mental illness. Think of your
three best friends. If they're okay,
then it's you.
Rita Mae Brown
“It is no measure of health to
be well adjusted to a
profoundly sick society.”
Jiddu Krishnamurti
little harsh dontchya
think?  I would add
that it does not mean
you're sick if you

Mental Illness

Real or Not

If viewed as a phenomenon of nature or as a natural phenomenon in response to nature, perhaps it is nature itself begging to be heard.

The C/I discussed here is that of 'Mental Illness'...It is an issue  meeting the
criteria above.