Well, I’ll tell you what happens…

Half the work-force
will quit within a week-
of the remaining,
another half  the next.  

Meanwhile- and ever-forward...
Productivity never reaches half-speed
and, in the end
only 1 in 4 remain
from half the work to begin...

Most of the harvest will rot in place-
tho things will be good for pigs
and those who like the taste

Food prices will skyrocket...
from the base of all processing--
and on-up-the-chain--
increasing exponentially
in rapid ascension

The wealthy will keep their health care
and will purchase the $20 tomato
while the poor can’t afford to eat

Their kids will learn
at the finer schools
The reason poor people do not eat
is because they have no money

It will not be the fault of the wealthy
there will now be only 2 classes...
there will be little envy to observe
as all realize they would do the same...
for when given only 2 options
the default choice is to thrive.
If You Insist...
Go ahead...
Employ only American citizens on your farms, fields and orchards…see what happens...ask
Lebowski over there on his fifth coffee break."  
The foundational negative associated
with affluence- defined in
consumption- lies somewhere other
then the issue of sustainability.  The
broad perception associated with
material wealth is that-any
experienced shortage is attributable
to the relative shortage of money as
opposed to  the natural
consequence  of finite
resources and limited
What happens in the
event of a catastrophic
melt-down to the
infrastructure upon
which luxury so
The scourge of justification-
arrives soon after forgetting cause...
as aggregate society responds in tragic ways
to the tragic consequences
inevitably associated with activated
Understanding extracted through only the
context of the ever-present  present
renders consuming misery,
tragically attributed to external factors.  
Meanwhile, the illusion of suffering is
sustained through failure to see in

It was all self-inflicted

I'll tell you what happens

food prices


Their kids will learn at the finer schools The reason poor people do not eat is because they have no money